91-Year-Old Gymnast Completes Jaw-Dropping Routine At Berlin Competition

A jaw-dropping video showing a then 91-year-old woman completing a gymnastics routine in a competition in Berlin, Germany is making rounds over the internet.

According to rumble, the footage is from the Internationales Deutsches Turnfest Berlin which took place on June 6th in 2017. The woman, whose name is Johanna Quaas, was named the ‘World’s Oldest Gymnast’ by Guinness World Records in 2012. 

In a 2012 Q&A with Guinness World Records, the then 86-year-old said she completed an hour of sports daily.

“I practice gymnastics only twice per week, but every day I do an hour of some sport or exercise - usually swimming or a walk.”


Quass first caught the internet’s attention earlier that same year when competing in a championship competition. 

A spectator recorded a video of her during one of her routines and uploaded it to youtube. The video has since gone viral and holds over 3 million views. That’s when Guinness caught wind of her and contacted her manager to invite Quass to an Italian TV show in Rome to receive her record.

When quizzed on whether she thinks she’s getting too old for gymnastics, she said: 

“No, absolutely not. If you stick with it you can definitely carry on at a high age. I'd like to still be competing when I'm 90.”

Looks like she made it! You can watch the full video of her routine below:

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