90-Year-Old Chef Prepares Hundreds Of Meals For The Homeless Every Week

Feb 21, 2020 by apost team

A 90-year-old chef has been cooking 800-1,000 meals a week to feed the homeless and poor in Italy.

He's making a difference for hundreds of other people at a time in his own life when many senior citizens would be slowing down.

According to CBS, It all started 15 years ago with a question about a sandwich. Dino Impagliazzo met a homeless man at a train station, and the man asked for money to buy a sandwich.

Dino realized that instead of buying one man one sandwich, he could make sandwiches for this man and for the others nearby who needed food.


An adventure began, and it has become a beautiful thing. Dino founded RomAmoR, which now provides 800 to 1,000 meals every week for the poor and homeless. The association's name means "Rome Love" in Italian. (Interestingly, the name is also a palindrome: it can be spelled backwards and forwards.)

The effort started with sandwiches, and now RomAmoR is making hot meals multiple times every week. Food markets and bakeries contribute to the effort, and volunteers provide the manpower to create the meals.

Meals are served in various locations throughout Rome, mostly near train stations. Many of the food supplies are leftovers from the city markets. One of chef Dino's specialties is delicious, nourishing vegetable soup.

The network of volunteers and contributors is key to getting this work done. And, Dino says, “We try to involve more and more people so that Rome becomes a city where people can love each other, you know?” Thanks to Dino, we do know.

Recognized by Italy's president as "a hero of our times", Dino Impagliazzo has been making a difference for Rome's homeless population for 15 years. He has started an organization that is so much bigger than a sandwich at a train station.

Dino's work shows all of us what a difference we can make by working together and by using what we have to help others. He saw a need and started small with efforts to meet that need. A small beginning has turned into a big and beautiful thing.

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