9-Year-Old Who Kept Getting In Trouble For Doodling During Class Gets A Job Decorating Restaurant

Nov 07, 2019 by apost team

Nine-year-old Joe was frequently getting into trouble for doodling in class. Rather than trying to suppress their son's creativity, Joe's parents decided to channel his talents in a more positive direction by enrolling him in an after-school art class.

His art teacher recognized some unique talent in the boy, and she began to post his creations on social media. This resulted in a terrific milestone for the boy as it led to his first official job as an artist according to Caters


A restaurant in Shewsbury, England saw the boy's artwork online, and they decided that it would be perfect for their restaurant. Joe's teacher soon received a call from the restaurant requesting that the boy come and draw his artwork on their dining room walls. After school, Joe's dad drives him to the restaurant where he draws his unique style of artwork on the restaurant walls where the owners intend to let it remain indefinitely.

Joe's father couldn't be prouder of his son.The boy seems to be excelling in all his activities, but he is definitely showing the most potential and passion for art. His father claims humorously that his son is even better than his father at many things to a degree that can be somewhat annoying as he told The Metro.

The art class where the boy studies after school is called Bloom. Joe has been enrolled there for six weeks, and he is enjoying it immensely. The teacher was so impressed with Joe's work that she gave him a wall at the school exclusively for his own creations. The teacher began posting photos of the art Instagram a few weeks after Joe started there. The teacher called Joe's parents a short while afterward to tell them that a restaurant wanted their son to decorate their walls with his artwork.

The parents were ecstatic when they heard this, and when they told Joe about it, he agreed without hesitation. They now go to the restaurant after school where Joe spends about two hours per night doing artwork on the wall.

Joe's father Greg is amazed that a business is eager to have their son do a professional job at their restaurant. When Greg posted Joe's artwork on LinkedIn, it received over 1.5 million views. Joe's art teacher said to The Metro that she saw the post and recognized Joe's style immediately.

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