9-Year-Old Girl Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer After Doctors Discover 4-inch Tumor In Abdomen

Every story of cancer is a tragic one. However, some of them are so inspiring too, and Kaylee's is one of the most touching. This 9-year-old girl had been living a great life. She was nearing the end of her school year, excited about soon entering fourth grade. She regularly engaged in ice skating. She was involved with the Girl Scouts. Then, one day, her stomach started hurting.

At first, they figured it was constipation, which wouldn't have been too serious. However, the initial assessment from the doctors turned out to be anything but the case. She instead had a 4-inch tumor in her abdomen. It was stage 3 ovarian cancer, which is exceptionally rare for children.

However, Kaylee kept a happy, determined spirit, and, despite no longer being able to take part in her passions, she still got so much enjoyment out of life while undergoing grueling chemotherapy treatments. Although she is now bald, her trademark smile is the same as before.


Kelly Tolleson, her mother, told Good Morning America that she is "amazed by her strength in how she got through this and stayed happy." Of course, Kaylee did also experience difficult times, especially during the third and fourth rounds of treatment, but that's to be expected of anybody suffering through what she has. Kaylee also told Good Morning America, "If I didn't have my parents, I probably wouldn't have made it."

Kaylee was diagnosed with cancer on March 25, months after her initial constipation diagnosis, and she underwent surgery within the next few weeks. Exactly four months after her cancer diagnosis, she was free of the disease and very much looking forward to once again enjoying all of the activities that she had before.

Today, she and her family are determined to raise awareness and funds to treat this terrible disease as so few have heard of this particular type of cancer. Regardless of the type, it's so unfortunate that so many have to be so strong to overcome all forms of cancer, and those who do are so worthy of being commended, especially but not only those who are as young as Kaylee is.

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