9-Year-Old Boy Bullied For His Dwarfism Is Falsely Accused Of Being A Fraud

After 9-year-old Quaden Bayles's mother posted a video of him crying about being bullied for his dwarfism, people accused him of only pretending to be 9 years old and actually being an 18-year-old trying to trick people into supporting him financially.

Last Wednesday, Australian mother, Yarraka Bayles posted, a video of her 9-year-old son with dwarfism that showed him crying after he was bullied for being “ugly.” After the video went viral, the young boy named Quaden Bayles received enormous support from people all over the world, including celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Cardi B, and comedian Brad Williams who even set up a GoFundMe page for Quaden that raised over $470,000 so far.

However, now multiple reports circulating online claim the whole story is fake and that Quaden is actually an 18-year-old trying to scam people for money. Some people even created fake social media accounts pretending to be Quaden and affirming that he's 18, as reported by The Sun. After all these accusations Quaden and Yarraka Bayles disappeared from social media this Sunday, leaving many wondering what is actually true.


Jason McCawley/Getty Images

Luckily, Yarraka Bayles kept posting pictures to her social media accounts that show her son growing up over the years. Even though she deleted all pictures after the recent rumors about her and Quaden, she had posted pictures of Quaden to her Facebook in 2012 that show him at only 15 months old at the beach. 

If he were really 18 today, he must have been 11 years old in 2012, still, the pictures that were online until Sunday showed him a whole lot younger.

The deleted video wasn’t Quaden’s first media appearance. He and his mother were featured on Australian television before when Studio 10 invited them to raise awareness about the stigma associated with dwarfism. Back then the news anchor introduced Quaden as a 4-year-old. 

Even though some people may say Quaden might look like 18 now, he definitely does not look 13 in the above-displayed interview with Studio 10, proving that he and his mother weren’t lying about his age.

In the same year, Quaden and Yarraka Bayles also appeared on an episode of a show called "Living Black," which introduced viewers to the life of Quaden and followed the young boy through a surgery. 

The story was reported by Hannah Hollis who introduced Quaden as being 4 years old in 2015. This was more proof of the fact that Quaden is actually nine years old instead of being an 18-year-old.

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