9 Types Of Pain That Are Connected To Emotional States

Nov 17, 2017 by apost team

1. Headaches Or Other Pain In The Head
Headaches, or other pain that is felt in the head, may be triggered by day to day stress. Take some time to relax every day. This will help to ease the stress in your life.

2. Neck Pains

If you find that you have trouble forgiving yourself or others around you, you may develop neck pain. If you feel pain in your neck, try to think more about the people and things that you love.


3. Shoulder Pain

Pains in the and shoulders could be caused by carrying emotional burdens. Try to focus more on solving the problems you have, rather than the problems themselves. You may find that holding onto less of the burden releases pain in the shoulders. This is where the phrase "shouldering your problems" originates from.

4. Upper Back Pains

Not having enough emotional support can lead to pains in the upper back. If you feel unwanted or unneeded, you may want to try and make some new connections with people. Try to go out on a date or make a new friend often.

5. Lower Back Pain

Pain in your lower back may be connected with worries about money or finances. If you have financial problems you may want to consider seeing a professional financial planner. You can also talk with your boss to get that raise that you feel you deserve.

6. Elbow Pain

Pain in your elbows is directly linked to a fear of life changes. Your stiff life is representative of your stiff arms. Try to do some things different in your life, such as making compromises or trying new things.

7. Hand Pains

Pains in the hand can be caused by not reaching out to people. You can heal this pain by making new friends and by reaching out to people the way you should. Try having lunch with a co-worker and make a new connection.

8. Hip Pain

Pain in your hips is linked to a fear of movement. Having hip pain can be caused by a fear of changing your life or moving on. Try to not be so hesitant to make decisions. Be more decisive and your pain will go away.

9. Knee Pain

Pain in your knees may indicate an inflated ego. You may think of yourself as better than you actually are. You should remember that you're mortal. Take time to humble yourself by volunteering and helping others.

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