9 Signs You're Finally About Experience The Positive Change You Deserve In Life

Jun 06, 2018 by apost team

Ever sat around and wondered where you need to go from here? Perhaps you feel trapped and aren’t certain what needs to change in order to get yourself unstuck. Don’t be worried, as these are all positive signs of change. 

Sometimes this feeling of being stuck comes from an internal need to take the time to completely think things through. Life can be challenging, and when reaching a difficult point it may take time to continue moving forward. If you’re left contemplating whether your life is heading in a positive direction, these signs can help show you that you’re aiming towards something amazing. 


1. You're building self-awareness. 

You’re starting to be able to make yourself a priority for once. When reflecting on your own behaviors, you’re trying to set standards for yourself. Although it may be difficult, you’re beginning to become self-aware and visualize yourself as you truly are. 

2. You’re aware that you need change. 

You’re starting to know that something in your life needs to change. You’re aware that your current state is not where you want or need to be, and your life components are not connecting exactly as you want them to be. 

3. Things are beginning to make sense. 

It seems like more events in your life are falling in line as they should. Concepts and emotions that never made sense to you before are beginning to become clear. Although this is a slow process, it will propel you in the correct direction. 

4. You look for support in the right places. 

When you release yourself from toxic relationships and behaviors, you start to align yourself in a positive direction. Seeking support through appropriate outlets can make your life much more simple. Allowing yourself these favorable changes can be extremely empowering. 

5. You’re feeling more passionate than you have felt in a long time. 

You may be moving away from the lack of enthusiasm you’ve had for some time towards passion and dedication. This is a positive sign that you’re heading towards something great. Stumbling upon these feelings of passion will be extremely beneficial for your future. 

6. You’re beginning to feel your emotions building inside. 

Because all of these positive changes are beginning to occur inside of you, you start to feel your emotions rising. Perhaps you will feel like you can’t hold them in. Allow yourself to cope and healthily release these feelings, accepting them along the way. 

7. Your priorities are changing in a positive way. 

You’re starting to reassess your priorities and decide what is important to you or not. Finding the things you are supposed to be focusing on helps you become the person you’re supposed to be. This helps you feel like your life is coming into place. 

8. You feel isolated from the rest of the world. 

You may feel closed off from others, but this isn’t a bad thing. It’s important to take time to yourself in order to properly make decisions and contemplate your choices. Your positive future life plans are starting to come together. 

9. You’re tired of simply surviving. 

You’re exhausted from going through the repetitive day-to-day rhythm of life. You’re aware that you require more, and have decided to not simply “exist” anymore, but actually live a fulfilling life instead. You will find this meaningful life and properly thrive through it to the best of your ability. 

Being stuck in a rut can be a frustrating feeling, but sometimes this lull in life is necessary in order to find the proper way to move forward and begin thriving.

These 9 signs you may encounter can show you that you’re making positive progress towards a change. Which one have you been feeling lately?