9 Signs He Misses You (And What Does It Really Mean?)

If you really want to know if a guy misses you, you have come to the right place! Honestly, it's not a guarantee, but you can get some ideas from here. Here are 9 signs that he misses you.

1. He Says It


These are three words that you can long to hear. There aren't any hidden motives. The simplicity of "I miss you", can go such a long way. They are clear and straight to the point. If he tells you, you know without a doubt that he truly does miss you. 


2. He Drunk Calls You


A booty call can lead to a discussion about why he is calling you and does he truly miss you. You'll have to feel this one out. Being drunk can make you loopy but also very brave. The fact is that you were on his mind and he did call. If you do get that booty call and give in, this could be a way to know for sure.

If you get a phone call the next morning, he's definitely into you. If you don't, that was just a booty call and he only missed that booty. If you do give in to the booty call, have your heart guarded and ready to just have fun with no commitments. You won't know until the day after what the true meaning of the call is.

3. His Friends Know


He will talk to his friends even if he doesn't talk to you. After a breakup, you may not hear anything from him. When seeing his friends, you may hear that he misses you or that he wants to see you again. He may be too shy or uncomfortable to tell you himself.

Or, he could simply be giving you space. If you hear from his friends, he definitely misses you. He wouldn't open his heart up to them for no reason.

4. He Is Jealous

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Jealousy can mean that he misses you but what kind of jealousy is it? Is he jealous because he misses you or because you "are his"?

If he wants everyone to know that you are his girlfriend and you aren't available, this can become very annoying. As annoying as it is, it's usually harmless and does mean that he misses you. But, there are some people that have true issues.

If a guy is too controlling and considers you his property, he simply won't trust you. He'll become jealous of everything. This could be as simple as you going to the store. You don't need someone like this. Watch for signs like this and get out as soon as possible.

5. He Wants To See You

If he is asking to see you, most likely he misses you. The only downfall would be if he has an ulterior motive. Go see him but keep your heart protected. Wait and see what happens. Don't go along with whatever he wants. Make smart decisions and read into his words and actions.

6. He Wants Pics


If he wants pics, he definitely misses you. But, you need to be certain in what way he misses you. He could simply just like the way you look and wants to satisfy his own needs. But, he could want to see your face. The sight of you could make him happy and he wants to look at you all the time.

He may even have your photo set as the backdrop on his phone. Just be very careful as to what kind of photos you are sending over. You can pretty much determine what he is looking for by what he is asking to see.

7. Social Media Contact

You don't have to be in a relationship to miss someone. Missing someone can be a part of a broken relationship or you can miss someone that you has just simply passed by you. If one of your ex's sends you messages or "likes" your photos or comments on your post, you can pretty much guarantee that he does miss you and wants you back.

8. He Says It In Public


He calls you. You two are having a conversation that is pretty one ended on his end. He is acting like he is important and you aren't. He doesn't want to give the call privacy from others. This may mean there is an ulterior plan. He wants others to hear what is being said on the phone call. He is acting all high and mighty because he has something to cover up, his own insecurities. Tread lightly here. This could be a way for him to simply prove himself.

He may be calling to let you know that he misses you but this goes on to prove that he has a girlfriend and that he loves her. It's not going to show you that he loves you. It makes you feel like he is just trying to look some sort of way in front of others. This is the kind of "love" you don't need. It won't last. Well, it will as long as everything goes his way. But, what kind of "love" is that for you?

9) He Texts


If he is texting, this means he wants to talk. He may feel lonely or just want to be around you. It's important to notice why he is texting. Try this out. Ignore the text for a couple of hours and see if you get any further text. If he just wants something, you won't likely hear another word. 

If he really misses you, he may go on to text you again. This means he could actually be worried that you didn't answer. He wants the feelings to be equally reciprocated. He may start a conversation about anything just to speak with you because of how deeply he really does miss you.

Will you be using these signs to see if your guy misses you? Be sure to let a girlfriend take some notes for herself too by passing this article along to her!