9 Men Gather In Line To Dance But Notice Man In Front When Woman With Drums Enter Stage

If you have not had the chance to check out the fabulous Riverdance group, now is your chance to do so.

This group began in April of 1994 when the famous Irish dancing champions Jean Butler and Michael Flatley combined forces to form a world touring dance troupe. The results were simply amazing!


Although Flatley and Butler are the experts, a number of additional Riverdance troupes have formed because of the booming popularity of this style of dance. The groups are usually named after famous rivers in Ireland, including Lagan, Shannon, Corrib, Foyle, Moy, and Bann. This tradition of using river names celebrates the heritage of the dance genre while giving each troupe a unique moniker.

This particular performance will surely leave you in awe of the talent of these dancers. In this video, audiences will delight in the way that the dancers twirl and high-step across the stage with ease. It is obvious that the dancers spent a lot of time and effort preparing for their routine.

As the performance begins, it is only men on the stage. However, the gig really kicks into high gear when a female appears on stage, joining everyone in the clog. Just when you think it cannot get any more fun, drums join the musical entourage. The fast-moving show will certainly leave you breathless as each segment seamlessly segues into the next.

We know that you will love this performance just as much as the rest of the world. Be sure to spread the magic once you have experienced it for yourself.