85-Year-Old Man Overjoyed To See Ocean For First Time In His Life

Oct 06, 2020 by apost team

An 85-year old man that was excited to see the ocean for the first time in his life thanks to his future son-in-law's beautiful gesture captured hearts of this footage's viewers. This video from September 2020 shows the sweet reaction and great joy that this man has when he finally takes in the expansive ocean from the shore. Though for many of us it is an ordinary thing, it was an experience of a lifetime for this person. 

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Imagine living inland all your life without ever going to the ocean. You hear stories about the ocean and its beaches but never get the chance to experience what you hear or read about. You only have your imagination, pictures, and films you may have seen about the ocean. You dream of one day getting the chance to go to some beach, but as years pass, your dream starts to fade. As you age, you resign to never getting the opportunity to experience the ocean. Then one day someone decides to give you the experience you have always yearned for! How awesome would that be?


What a Perfect Present for a Future Father-In-Law!

A man recently took his would-be 85-year old father-in-law to see the ocean and the experience was one to live for! The reaction from the old man is one to warm the heart. His face lights up as he touches the water. The viral video of the old man shower great joy, satisfaction and gratitude for the gesture by his would-be son-in-law. His excitement is evident as he exclaims and emphasizes on how amazing it was. He says, “Okay, this is very amazing! It is more than I really ever thought of.” Such a reaction is sure to warm hearts as it shows genuine appreciation.

Appreciation for the Ordinary, Yet Not So Ordinary Things in Life

While some people may see the ocean as a common and ordinary feature, for the old man, it meant a lot. It was overwhelming and brought so much joy to him. It goes to show how one thing may mean so much to one person yet others take it casually. The value in things is about the experience they bring and the feeling they bring to us. It may be hard to tell what was going through the old man’s mind as he played with the salty water, but you can tell it was something positive. After 85 years on this earth, he finally made it to see the ocean. What a great way to celebrate old age! The son-in-law to be would for sure get the old man’s blessings after such an experience.

Some dreams take a lot of time to come true while others require the intervention of someone else to make them come true. Whichever the case, when a dream comes true, there is great joy and satisfaction. The actions of a son-in-law to-be were a great source of joy and happiness for an 85-year old man that had never experienced the ocean. He ensured the old man experienced what he had thought about for many years.

The story of the 85-year Oldman that sees the ocean for the first time can be a great inspiration for people to be patient on their dreams. It give people the determination to hold on to their dreams despite the odds being against them. If this story can go viral and reach many people, it can provide hope for some people.

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