85-Year-Old Grandmother Goes On A Motorcycle Ride With Her Grandson After Finishing Chemotherapy

Sep 11, 2019

As we age, we tend to become more and more caution about the actions we take and the activities we participate in. However, one elderly woman decided that 85 was a good enough age as any to take her first motorcycle ride. She had just finished her cancer treatments and after a long, uphill battle against cancer, she decided to take a motorcycle ride with her grandson.

She had remained focused on the motorcycle ride throughout her cancer treatments. It was a lifelong dream of hers and her grandson just happened to have recently purchased a motorcycle. Janet Bitterman is an 85-year-old who was diagnosed with colon cancer around one year ago, reports WCRB.

She is from Coal Township, Pennsylvania. Cancer took a major physical toll on her as she underwent many chemotherapy treatments. She was constantly tired, she had no sense of smell and she lost a great deal of weight during the treatments.


All she wanted was to beat cancer and feel better once again. However, deep down she also wanted to take the motorcycle ride of her dreams. She spoke to her grandson and they decided that when she finally finished her treatments she was riding on the back of her grandson’s motorcycle for an adventurous ride. The motorcycle ride became a running joke with Janet’s entire medical team.

The motorcycle ride became Janet’s motivation to fight the effects of the chemo treatments. The motorcycle ride was Janet’s inspiration. Every time she got a new nurse or met a new person in the hospital and told them her story she brought up the motorcycle ride. "It was her motivation to fight her battle and get through all of her chemo," said Brenda Yoder, Bitterman's daughter, to WCRB.

Janet was limited by the effects of her chemo treatments for more than a year, often getting sick and constantly tired. She says it was a wasted year of her life. She focused on taking the motorcycle ride.

When the time finally came for her to take the ride, Janet rode on the back of her grandson’s motorcycle for around one hour. The duo traveled throughout the gorgeous Pennsylvania countryside and the rest of their family traveled in cars right behind them. Janet’s grandson said he couldn’t imagine life without her.

How precious is this grandmother and her bravery to not only beat cancer but to take a motorcycle ride at 85 years of age? It makes you realize anything is possible. Share this touching story with anyone you think could use a pick me up today!