84-Year-Old Shows Up To Party At Nursing Home And Comically Steals The Spotlight

Sep 14, 2021 by apost team

Parties are always a lot of fun, and while there are many different kinds of parties, for example, children's parties, backyard barbecues or more formal occasions, one thing is for certain — there is usually at least one person who steals the spotlight. 

Retirement home parties are no different and after you see this video, it will be incredibly clear who stole the spotlight! A woman named Staci Clemmer uploaded a video to her Facebook in 2017 that showcased her 84-year-old mom's nursing home in Allen, Texas. The video was taken during a Halloween party at the care home.

In it, many of the residents are dressed up to honor the occasion — one appears to be dressed as a detective while another is possibly a magician. But there's no denying who dressed up and stole the show. It happens to be Clemmer's mom, who donned a neon purple wig to match her bright purple bikini.

However, she wasn't wearing a real bikini, but rather one of those humorous T-shirts on which a cartoon body is painted. In her case, the body is a voluptuous female form and the teeny-tiny bikini more than emphasizes it! While aging is inevitable and something that no one can avoid, losing one's sense of humor is optional, and it's clear that Clemmer's mom is still actively using hers.

What makes the moment even more unexpected is that those kinds of T-shirts are mostly worn by young adults who are probably on a beach vacation somewhere. By now the joke is old news and no longer funny, but when a senior citizen wears one at her nursing home, she just brought a new life to the gag.

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What's more, Clemmer's mother is walking around the group using her walker, while she even does a little dance for everyone. She takes a few steps and then kicks her leg out, before repeating the move. She also shakes her behind to the sound of cheers and laughter from her fellow residents. This woman is totally committed to the bit and that's why it's simply so enjoyable to watch. But even if it weren't for her slick moves or the humor around her wearing the outfit, she'd still steal the show solely from how bright her wig is!

When Clemmer uploaded the video to her Facebook, she wrote the caption:

“Happy Halloween!!!! This is my 84 year old Mother!!!! Living the life!!!!! She’s having the time of her life!” 

She surely is and she's also the life of the party. People around the world certainly agree, as Clemmer's video has been viewed over 12 million times and received thousands of comments and likes. 

But maybe there's another reason the woman is the life of the party beyond her great sense of humor. Since over half of nursing home residents are over the age of 85, at 84-years-old Clemmer's mom is technically on the younger side. That would possibly explain why she was game to try and pull off this joke. In any case, she's a total inspiration to us all and proof that you're never too old to have a great sense of humor. We can all only hope to be as hilarious as she is one day!


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