8-Year-Old Celebrates After Defeating Stage 4 Brain Cancer

The tremendous progress made by science over the last two or three decades is truly amazing. This progress has directly benefitted individuals suffering from diseases of all kinds.

It seems like with each passing year there is the talk of another illness or disease being conquered by recent scientific innovations. There are a number of diseases that can now be treated with medications that did not even exist just a decade ago.

One example of this progress is the case of Cameron Scott. The eight-year-old boy has endured stage 4 brain cancer and is still here to shine his light on the world. Many close to him describe his fight against the disease to be nothing short of heroic.


Cameron and his family learned he was afflicted with a tumor called Medulloblastoma. The high-risk tumor made it necessary for him to undergo treatment at St. Jude's Children Hospital. Cameron's situation was advancing rapidly and the tumor had already reached his spine before doctors took aggressive action.

Cameron underwent several surgeries before the tumor was completely removed. His father says he never saw anyone display the type of bravery he saw in his son. Cameron's father also explained he never heard Cameron complain one time.

Cameron and his family returned to St. Judes for follow up treatment. Cameron and his family learned he was not suffering from one disease. He was actually suffering from four completely different illnesses. The doctors at St. Jude were able to address the problem through recent progress made in the field of gene sequencing. The use of this science assured Cameron received the most effective treatment for his illnesses.

The eight-year-old was forced to endure six months of radiation and chemotherapy but remained strong throughout the process. He was also able to maintain his positive outlook on life.Cameron is optimistic about his future and says he feels better than ever.

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