8-Year-Old Boy Was Sent To The Hospital After Bullies Beat Him Up

A young boy was beaten to the point of blacking out while under the care of the Lakeside Elementary School staff in Tomball, Texas. School bullies left a boy wounded in the restroom.

According to an ABC report, the eight-year-old student named Christian Boyton was discovered unconscious in a bathroom stall after being battered. It goes to show how quickly bullying can escalate to violence.

His parents have been completely open about the incident since the child was rushed to the local emergency room. Christian Boyton is a well-mannered kid that attends Lakeside Elementary School in Tomball, Texas. Evidence indicates that he was bullied by classmates on a daily basis.


According to the report, witnesses say that he was run down by the cruel perpetrators after exiting the school bus that morning. They mercilessly thrashed him until Christian passed out on the floor. It wasn’t until later that morning that the staff discovered him unconscious.

His parents weren’t notified until 9 AM that same day. He likely spent up to an entire hour without any medical attention. The trauma inflicted on his body was considered extremely severe. He had suffered bleeding in his brain, and he was instantly transferred to a specialist at the Texas Children’s Hospital. There was no complication resulting from his injury, and his recovery has gone well.

The Tomball Independent School District released a statement that he was attacked by a group of several students in the absence of staff. They referred to his brutal beating as an incident in the restroom involving several students.

According to the same statement quoted in the ABC report, the school district representatives claim that they are thoroughly investigating the circumstances of the attack, and they will conduct disciplinary actions when reaching their conclusions. They are carefully retaining the identity of the suspected bullies to protect their privacy.

Christian has been sent home from the hospital since his conditions have stabilized. The school district has mentioned that their main priority is student safety, but where were the teachers when this beating was taking place? Children are cruel, but it’s the responsibility of school staff to prevent these situations from escalating. He was bullied constantly without anything being done to protect him. The failure of the school district to defend this boy’s well-being seems to be a blatant neglecting of duty on the part of their staff.

Let us know if you’ve faced similar circumstances of bullying with your children, and tell the parents in your neighborhood about Christian Boyton’s story.