8-Year-Old Boy Has No Clue That Ed Sheeran Is Right Behind Him While He Sings An Ed Sheeran Song For Ellen

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

It is not uncommon for talk show hosts to take a special interest in a guest. This fact is true of talk show icon Ellen DeGeneres. There is one superstar who is currently becoming popular that Ellen loves to see visit her show.

That person is eight-year-old boy Kai, who's singing abilities and star presence make him a favorite to have on the show. In this clip from 2017, Kai came to The Ellen Show and performed Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. But little did he know that the musician himself was standing right behind him, enjoying his performance!

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Ellen's favorite guest is an eight-year-old singer named Kai. He appeared for the first time on Ellen's show to perform his rendition of Roar by Katy Perry.

Kai's bubbly personality and exaggerated singing gestures made it impossible to not enjoy his performance.


We now have a video of Kai's second visit to the show. This time the song choice for Kai was Thinking Out Loud, a hit by Ed Sheeran. The song was a risk for Kai. It was once recognized with a Grammy for best song of the year.

Kai had a gift for Ellen before he began to sing. The gift was a photo of Kai on a handmade frame. Following a brief conversation between the two, Ellen asked the young singer if he was ready to perform for the audience.

The eight-year-old burst into the song without hesitation. Kai closed his eyes and lost himself in the emotion of the song. The crowd is thrilled with the performance and cheered loudly.

As Kai approached the end of his performance, Ed Sheeran entered from off-stage and sat right behind him. Kai was totally unaware of Sheeran's presence. Sheeran tapped his foot to the music and listened with admiration as the young boy finished belting out the song. The enjoyment felt by the Grammy award-winning singer was clear for all to see.

Kai did not become aware of Sheeran's presence until he finished the song. His reaction will bring you much amusement.

As an added treat, Ellen had a gift for Kai. The young boy and his family were given an all-expense-paid trip to attend a soccer game in Manchester, England.

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