8-Year-Old Boy Collects Over $50K In 4 Years For Homeless Veterans

At the age of 4, Tyler Stallings from Maryland began accepting donations for the veterans who were homeless and living on the streets. This was a deed his mother, Andrea Blackstone, was very pleased with.

The little boy’s desire to help these people was sparked after watching a video that showed retired soldiers displaying signs asking for help, signs that were ignored. Andrea gave her son information about what a few family members of theirs did after going into the armed forces.

Tyler questioned his mother as to why the veterans in the video were homeless. Since they were considered great men, Tyler wondered why they should be living that way.


To build homes for veterans with items purchased from a store was what Tyler desired to do first, reports CNN. So, he got $100 from Governor Hogan, after Andrea notified the official.

Tyler continued collecting money for the homeless veterans. He supported them, and he worked to let others know about the struggles they faced when they retired from the military. The boy also became a member of The Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training.

Andrea let Good Morning America know that this long-standing occurrence was only meant to happen once. "It makes me very happy," Tyler told Good Morning America.

Soon, bags filled with clothes and other necessities was an idea Tyler thought of. He told GoFundMe that he thought of the idea of Hero Bags for the veterans when his mother told him they wouldn’t be able to construct homes for them.

Hero Bags contain necessities that include oral care items, skin care items, and more.

Tyler’s efforts contributed to bringing in more than $50,000 that will be used to aid veterans without homes.

Locating a shelter willing to allow Tyler to assist them wasn’t easy in the beginning because people found it difficult to accept such a serious matter from someone who was just 4 years old. The Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training Organization finally accepted the boy, and they welcomed his presence.

Andrea said that the veterans took the items they needed when the Hero Bags were brought to them. She believes that having a youngster there is pleasant.

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