8 Tips To Help You Communicate Better In Relationships

Aug 13, 2018 by apost team

For any relationship to last, it has to have open, honest communication. At times, we have all had to struggle with communication. It is not always easy to express yourself to friends, lovers, co-workers or family members.

No matter what type of relationship you have, these communication tips will help you listen and get your point across.

1. Say The Truth


For your relationship to thrive, you have to say what you really think. You cannot hide the truth forever. If you avoid your real feelings to prevent an argument, it will only lead to problems later on. For a healthy relationship, you have to open your heart and mind to your partner.


2. Focus On What You Do


If you say one thing and do another, it will show your partner that you never meant what you said. Actions truly do speak louder than words. For your relationship to last, you have to follow up by actually doing what you say you will. Through your actions, you can show what you really mean and how much you truly love your partner.

3. Remember That Your Partner Cannot Read Your Mind


It is impossible for anyone to read your mind. Even if it feels like what you want is obvious, do not assume that your partner actually realizes that. Instead of hoping that your partner gets the message, you need to just tell him or her what you want. In a good relationship, both partners want to make each other happy. To do that, they have to learn what each other actually wants.

4. Use The Sandwich Method


No one likes to hear criticism about something they have done. The sandwich method is one way that you can lessen the blow of any negative statement or criticism. With the sandwich method, you start by saying something positive about the partner. You also end with a positive statement. In between these uplifting compliments, you sandwich the negative statement in. By sandwiching the negative criticism, you make it easier for the other person to open up and listen to what you have to say.

5. Pay Attention To Their Body Language


It is believed that most of our communication is nonverbal. As a communicator, this means that what someone does is just as important as what they say. Notice how your partner reacts to your discussion. If their head is shaking from side to side while they say that they agree, it is a sign that part of them does not really agree with you. When you speak, make sure that your body language shows that you are listening. It needs to line up exactly with what you are saying.

6. Always Speak In Person

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It is extremely easy to misunderstand a text message. If you are discussing something important, you need to make sure that you are fully understood. Talk to your partner in person. This will prevent text miscommunications and help your partner understand better through your voice or body language.

7. Practice Active Listening


Active listening is a type of listening where you make contact, listen completely to the other person and focus your attention on them. Put down the phone or tablet to fully listen to your partner. Nodding along as they speak and repeating what they say will also show that you are really hearing their message.

8. Use “I” Statements


An “I” statement is one of the best things to use when you talk to your partner. Basically, this changes your statements from critiques about them to expressions of your feelings. Instead of saying, “You never spend time with me,” switch your statement to, “I feel upset when I cannot spend time with you.” This makes the statement less of an accusation, so your partner is more likely to listen to it.

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