8 Simple Things You Can Do To Avoid Wastage Of Food

Dec 17, 2018 by apost team

If you look at global food production, there is enough to feed every human on the planet with plenty to spare. The problem is one-third of it is wasted. While you can't solve all the world's problems, there are things you can do to fight food waste in your little corner.

Food production is the top reason for deforestation in the world. It uses the majority of our fresh water use. When food goes to waste, all of those resources go to waste as well. Here are eight ways you can fight food waste.


1. Plan your meals


Before you go shopping, create a meal plan. What are you going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What snacks do you need? Take that plan and create a shopping list from it. A shopping list helps you avoid impulse purchases that could go to waste.

2. Have at least one leftover meal each week


Make it a point to have a scheduled day to eat leftovers. You can eat them up or create new dishes from what you have in the fridge.

3. Use the food you have


Don't let ripe fruits go to waste. Throw them into a smoothie for breakfast. Don't let leftovers end up in the trash. Make a soup, sauce or casserole out of left-over meat, vegetables, or potatoes.

4. Freeze extra portions


If you end up cooking more than you can eat in one sitting, freeze the extra. Those frozen portions are great for work lunches or you can pull one out for a quick meal when you don't feel like cooking.

5. Check the refrigerator temperature


The ideal temperature for your refrigerator is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Your food won't stay as fresh at higher temperatures. If you go too low, you stand the chance of freezing fresh vegetables which can shorten their shelf life as well.

6. Try a recycle restaurant


There are restaurants out there that actually use unsold or unused food from retailers. Some of these restaurants as well as other businesses let you purchase unused ingredients to take home yourself.

7. Use your best judgment on dates


An expiration date or a sell-by date is not set in stone. Manufacturers often set those dates with the thought of avoiding lawsuits, not when the product might really go bad.

8. Compost


In the end, you still may find yourself with some food waste. Composting that waste helps to enrich your garden. It helps turn waste into the new food.

Which of these things are you going to try first? Let us know your thoughts. Let others have the chance to see this article for themselves.