8-Months Pregnant Widow Left In Tears As Sister Names Newborn After Her Dead Husband

Jun 21, 2022 by apost team

Becoming a parent is both exciting and challenging for many reasons. Parents are able to start a beautiful family and raise their children, helping them to become the best possible versions of themselves. The steps leading up to becoming a parent and preparing to have kids can be fun yet emotional, especially when it comes time to pick out a baby name. You can go with a traditional option, pick a name you always wanted for yourself, pick one that you’ve grown to really love or choose one that has sentimental value.

For one soon-to-be mom, the name that she wanted to pick for her son held a lot of sentimental value. She already had the first name picked out, but his middle name was now going to be in honor of her late husband. On June 9, 2022, the widowed mom-to-be explained that she used fake names in her post, but the emotion behind her words still came through. She explained how she was eight months pregnant when her husband, Rodrigo, passed away while in the army three months earlier. They had already decided on the first name together, but the mom wanted to honor Rodrigo by giving her son his name as a middle name.

However, the woman’s sister Kayla was also pregnant and had recently given birth to a baby boy. When Kayla arrived home from the hospital, she introduced her son: Rodrigo. This did not go over well with the mom-to-be, and she and Kayla got into a heated argument. Since then, the former has wondered if she was wrong for overstepping and asked Redditors for their help with moving forward.

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Starting off her Reddit post, the original poster (OP) explained that she is eight months pregnant with a boy. Sadly, her husband Rodrigo passed away three months ago. OP explained how she moved back in with her parents afterward since they have a big enough house, where she now also lives with her sister Kayla and Kayla’s boyfriend.

As a widowed mom-to-be, OP was overwhelmed with emotion, but luckily had plenty of support from her family. She had also found a beautiful way to honor her late husband. “We were going to name the baby Alex, and I am still going with that, plus Rodrigo as a middle name,” she said.

It just so happened that her sister gave birth five days earlier to a baby boy. OP wrote, “My sister never discussed baby names with me or the family, she just always said she loves Hispanic names (we are white Americans, my husband was Mexican).”

She continued: “Yesterday she came back home with the baby and introduced us all to ‘baby boy Rodrigo.’ I started crying and told her that’s really awful of her.” OP was clearly overwhelmed by the name choice since it was that of her late husband, but she, fortunately, had her other family members by her side to support her.

“My mother comforted me and told my sister she is way out of line with the name,” OP said. “Sister says I don’t own the name, it’s a common name where we live (it is) and I am going with Rodrigo (as) a middle name anyway, not a first, so it won’t be a problem.”


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Even though OP wasn’t planning on naming her own son Rodrigo, she was still going to give him that name as his middle name. On top of that, the name held plenty of sentimental value to her, so it was a shock when her sister decided to use it for her own child.

“I told my sister to just change the name to literally anything else,” she explained. However, Kayla didn’t listen, and said that OP was actually the one in the wrong for “suggesting” that she “changes her kid’s identity.”

Unsure of what to do next, OP turned to Redditors to ask for their thoughts on who they thought was right and wrong in this situation, and how she should try to move forward. While some of OP’s family members outside of her sister already showed their support for her, many Reddit users did the same.

One user commented: “That’s an incredibly cruel thing to do. This shows that your sister lacks any level of empathy, compassion or understanding. I can’t begin to imagine how it felt to hear that. Sorry for your loss.”

Others said they didn't believe that Kayla would actually reconsider changing her son’s name. One person commented: “Her kid doesn’t have an identity yet. But she sounds so selfish, she will never do it.”

Another user said: “While you can’t own a name it still feels wrong to name your kid the same name as your sister’s dead husband without talking about it first. Especially if he died so recently. Maybe if she talked to you about it first, then you’d feel differently.”

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What do you think about this woman’s sister naming a baby after her late husband? What would you do in this situation? Let us know, and feel free to send this to your loved ones.

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