8-Month-Pregnant Mom Skips Church To Teach Her Kids To Swim, Ends Up Saving Drowning Boy

A religious and dedicated mother decided to switch up her Sunday routine by skipping church and watching the service online before heading down to the lake so she could teach her sons how to swim. 

As reported by Fox 9, Stephanie Swedberg is a mother of two handsome twin boys and was 8-months pregnant with another child on the way when she went to the lake at Crystal Beach Park in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Although Swedberg had always been routine about her Sunday commute to the church, she decided to teach her sons how to swim instead. As someone who had spent five summers working as a lifeguard, Stephanie knew that one of the leading causes of death in children below the age of 14 was drowning in shallow water, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That wasn't going to happen on her watch.


While teaching her own kids how to swim, Stephanie, out of the corner of her eyes, noticed another mother running, fully clothed, towards the edge of the water and screaming at the top of her lungs. Stephanie's motherly instincts quickly kicked into gear and she handed her boys off to her sister.

She swam into the deep end of the area and rescued a boy that was thrashing and struggling to keep his head above water. In that brief moment, Stephanie had saved a life and prevented a boy from drowning.

If that weren't impressive enough, Swedberg was 33 weeks pregnant when the incident occurred. But as any loving mama knows, a child's safety comes first, even if they're not your own. On that day, everyone at Crystal Beach Park in Burnsville, Minnesota, breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Stephanie had saved the day.

If Stephanie hadn't changed her usual routine this particular Sunday, the young boy might have drowned. Some coincidences really make you believe that miracles exist. Show this story to your friends and family and encourage them to break up their usual routine from time to time. They may even save a life in the process!