8 Differences Between A Mature Relationship And An Immature Relationship

Jan 09, 2019 by apost team

Couples who are mature aren't reckless with falling in love. That is the honest truth. When you think about falling in love, you think about falling with little or no control. That's isn't what responsible and mature people do. Mature people will try to have some sense of control over any type of situation they are in. Mature people don't exactly ever fall in love in the usual sense if the term. They carefully walk into it. They own it.


This is how it should be. Love shouldn't be about falling. You need to be able to have some control over your love. You can fall in love with almost anyone. However, you should be able to control how much you allow yourself to love that person. 

You always have the control to choose how to show the love that is in your heart. If you already realize this, this is a sign of your maturity.A lot of immature couples don’t realize this. They end up falling out of love. They take love for granted because they don’t think it is in their control. It's wrong to think this way. How do you know if you have an immature kind of love?

There are a few different signs to be aware of. Love isn’t supposed to be as complicated as many people make it out to be. It shouldn’t be filled with drama and sadness. It shouldn’t be forced. True love shouldn’t be something that makes you feel like you are forcing yourself to be a certain way. You should write your own narrative. Drama is for people who are chasing the story of love instead of love itself. True love is for mature people who chase love itself.



Love should make you feel calm and at peace. It should make you feel comfortable and happy. It should be like a protective blanket that fills you with warmth and protects you from the harsh cold. When you love someone and they love you back, there shouldn’t be any doubt that makes you question how you feel about one another.

You should feel proud and humbled at the same time. It should give you a sense of peace in your heart. Mature relationships search for this sense of stability and comfort. However, immature relationships are the ones looking for an interesting story and some drama.

1. Immature relationships are built to fail while mature relationships are meant to last.


When everything is said and done, immature relationships are going to crash and burn in the end. A mature relationship is always going to find a way to survive and thrive no matter what happens.

2. Immature relationships feel like they are threatened while mature relationships have confidence in one another.


All of the insecurities around submerge immature relationships. However, a mature relationship won’t be phased by much going on around them because it holds a confidence.

3. Immature relationships force the issues at hand while mature relationships are adaptable and work together.

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Immature relationships are going to have to force things due to how unnatural they are. However mature relationships adapt to the needs of both people in the relationship.

4. Immature relationships are built from phones and technology while mature relationships are built by meaningful time together in real life.


Immature relationships are focused on cyberspace. However mature relationships value the real life interactions and communication over anything else.

5. Immature relationships take ambition away while mature relationships love it.


Immature relationships feel as though you can’t have your own goals, but only goals together. Mature relationships push each other towards their hopes and dreams as individuals and together.

6. Immature relationships take away individuality while mature relationships encourage it.


Immature relationships are focused on the relationship at the cost of individuality. But mature relationships focus on each person separately and as a team. They know it takes two separate people to work in a relationship.

7. Immature relationships look for the wants while mature relationships look for the needs.


Immature relationships always try to fulfill the wants. However, mature relationships look for what is needed most and what is most important above any surface desires.

8. Immature relationships will be filled with doubt while mature relationships search for the answers.


When you are in an immature relationship, you will feel insecure a lot of the time. You are going to have many different doubts and questions with no real answers. However, a mature relationship will always work hard to find the answers to any questions and doubts.

What do you think of these differences? Does this resonate with you? Have you ever been in an immature relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and pass this on to others. You never know who it might help!