77-Year-Old Cher Says She Maintains Her Youthful Appearance By Following A Healthy Lifestyle

Jan 02, 2020 by apost team

The nature of being in Hollywood means that you have to maintain your youth, and nowadays we have a number of serums, solutions, and surgeries that were meant to keep time from aging our faces.

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Most celebrities have had work of this sort done on their faces. It will only be a matter of time before we find out how well these procedures worked for these people, but in one case, youth looks as if it is chasing the celebrity instead of the other way around! Cher has been in our lives since she was a teenager, and she looks as good now as she did then!

Many people have asked Cher what she has been doing to look so young over the years. Cher has admitted that she had some plastic surgery done, but apparently her lifestyle choices play the biggest role in what is making her look so delectable today. Her "secret" is to put the right things into her body. Now, she is ready to inform us all of what that means. She doesn't look 77 years old, and she doesn't appear to be someone we can say is a "senior citizen."


The Importance of Freedom

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Speaking with Interview Magazine, Cher revealed that freedom is behind her beauty and her style. Pleasing other people is not a part of that. She doesn't do things because she thinks that other people will like them. She will only do them if she believes that they are right for her. Cher's ideas about youth and beauty came from her mother. She told Cher that she wasn't the most beautiful or talented girl in the world, and she wouldn't always be the youngest. Even so, she said that Cher was special, and that is better than youth and beauty will ever be.

In 1991, Cher began to speak about her dedication to looking good. She went into detail about her beauty regimen in the book "Forever Fit."

Cher believes that one has to make sure that it is possible to remain youthful and beautiful, and she did that by quitting smoking. Cher also doesn't do drugs or drink coffee. She eats red meat and drinks alcohol on rare occasions. This puts her ahead of many others. Cher expanded on these sentiments last summer in an interview on Today. She reiterated the fact that she doesn't drink, do drugs or smoke. She does work out, and her only vice is the fact that she likes chocolate.

Creams and Surgeries

In the 1970s, Cher was having difficulties with adult acne, and she was introduced to Retin-A as a treatment for it. Retin-A is now known as an "anti-aging agent," and Cher has had a prescription for it for the past 10 years, according to People Magazine.

Cher still needed to consult a plastic surgeon about a few other issues she has had. As reported by People Magazine, Cher thinks that plastic surgery is something people should do if they believe that it will make them happy. For example, when she saw what her nose looked like on the big screen, she wanted to reduce its size.

Cher also had work done on her mouth, so her teeth were straightened with braces and a retainer. Since the shape of her mouth looked better after that, people began to think that she had chin and cheek implants!

Another reason that she remains so young at heart is that she doesn't care what people think. Cher told People Magazine that she wants to look as good as she can for as long as she can. She can deal with it if people think that makes her interminably vain. She accepts that label gladly!

The Value of Exercise

Cher told People Magazine that her body looks as good as it does because she is dedicated to exercising. She doesn't have a secret that no one else can take advantage of even though they don't believe her. She says that other people can be as consistent with their workouts and as disciplined as Cher is if they want it, but they don't get that!

According to Cher, the best way to stay young is to take good care of yourself as you live your best life. After you have taken a good, long look at Cher, see if you can tell us why this isn't true. Cher isn't just waiting for the fountain of youth to come and grab her. She is jumping in head first, and we think that sounds better than just watching the years go by.

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