72-Year-Old Raising 6 Great-Grandchildren Alone Blessed With Life-Changing News From Surprise Squad

Jan 04, 2019 by apost team

Ms. Ella is a 72-year-old great-grandmother and military widow who is raising her six great-grandchildren alone. Recently, Ms. Ella received a special Christmas miracle that resulted from the efforts of her best friend.

Ms Ella often finds herself struggling to care for the six children. She also laments the dilapidated condition of her home.

Ms Ella has no family to support her efforts but she does have a friend in Ms Alice. The two women do not see each other often. Ms Ella lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and Ms Alice is far away in California. However, their friendship is not any less due to to the geographical divide between them.

Ms Alice reached out to Fox 5 Surprise squad in hopes of securing help for her friend in time for Christmas. She explained the circumstances her good friend lived in and asked the organization if they could lend a helping hand.


Ms. Ella recognized the surprise team as soon as she answered the knock on the door. The great-grandmother began to cry immediately. Ms. Ella took a seat on the worn couch in her living room and told the Surprise Squad of the love she possessed for her great-grandchildren.

You can see both the love and the pain on the face of Ms. Ella when she says she does not want to go into the details of her grandchildren's past. But she did say the children have the benefit of her entire heart.

Ms. Alice and Ms. Ella were treated to a day at the spa. While they were enjoying themselves, a team of workers arrived at Ms. Ella's house and immediately went to work on maintenance and plumbing upgrades.

Another team of workers arrived with furniture, beds, carpets, and Christmas decorations. The dilapidated house left by Ms. Ella when she went to the spa was being transformed into a place of beauty and comfort.

A Christmas tree was set up and presents were placed underneath. Among the presents, was gift cards for $500 for each of Ms. Ella's grandchildren.

Ms. Ella wept uncontrollably at the sight of her new home. She was especially touched by the small touches like the framed photos of her great-grandchildren and the Christmas tree that came complete with lights and presents.

Ms. Ella began to cry again once thinking and speaking about how much the children will love the upgraded house and gifts. She then thanked them for making the present Christmas more enjoyable for her grandchildren than any they have ever experienced.

Little did Ms. Ella know the Surprise Squad had another grand surprise just for her. The widowed great-grandmother learned that her rent would be paid for a full year. Ms. Ella is a religious woman and said she knows the blessing is from God.

One by one, Ms. Ella's grandkids walked into the home. And each face lit up when they saw what had been done to the home. Each of them was more happy, however, to see happiness felt by their grandmother.

One of Ms. Ella's grandsons summarized the day perfectly. The young man said the presents are not important but instead its the love possessed for your family.

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