72-Year-Old Elderly Woman, Raising 6 Great-Grandchildren, Receives A Special Visit From The Surprise Squad

Jan 03, 2019

Christmas is truly a time of miracles. Just ask a 72-year-old woman raising six of her great-grandchildren. Her best friend pulled off a miracle like no other.

Ms. Ella lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. A military widow, this lady has raised her own children and a few of her grandchildren as well. These days, she has six of her great-grandchildren at home. Trying to keep up with so many children at her age is taxing for Ms. Ella. Plus, she has no family to turn to for assistance with maintaining her home.

She is overwhelmed with so many things and dealing with her own health problems. Ms. Ella does have someone in her corner though. Her best friend, Alicestine Miller, lives in California. While they don't see each other too often, they still keep their friendship close.


Ms. Alice knew that her best friend needed help. So she called on a local news program for assistance. And they definitely came through. The news crew knocked on the door of Ms. Ella's home. When she realized what was happening, she started crying. Her great-grandchildren are so precious to her.

Getting help made all the difference for her and them. She didn't go into details about their backstory, but she said that her only option was to take them in.

The news station flew Ms. Alice in as a special surprise. Both women burst into tears at the sight of each other. Both Ms. Alice and Ms. Ella had a day of pampering at a local spa while the news crew's team went to work. Plumbers came in and made critical repairs on the plumbing. Others performed some much-needed maintenance.

At the end of the day, they brought in a truck filled with new furniture, rugs, beds for the children, and some Christmas decorations for the finishing touch. Just in time for Christmas.

A Christmas tree adorned the living room, with presents sitting below. Among them were $500 gift cards for each one of the children. When she walked through the door, Ms. Ella was totally overwhelmed. The photos of her kids and the decorated Christmas tree brought her to tears. She knew the kids were going to be over the moon. Christmas was going to be extra special this year.

The final surprise for Ms. Ella was the icing on the cake. The news crew had paid her rent for the next year. Ms. Ella gave praise to God for providing so much for her family.

When the kids came through the door, they didn't know where to look. They loved everything they saw. But, they were most especially grateful to see their great-grandmother so happy. It's all about family.

Ms Ella and her great-grandkids got an extra special Christmas this year. What do you think? Let us know below. Also, spread this Christmas story to your family and friends.