707-Lb Man Refuses To Lose Weight & Says ’I’ll Eat ‘Til I’m Dead’

Dec 01, 2021 by apost team

Casey King was not an ordinary 34-year-old. The man didn't work, had no money, and lived with his father. That isn't what made him different, though. What made King different was his weight - he topped 700 pounds in 2018. He is now 37 and has made a serious change since appearing on the show "Family by the Ton."

"Family by the Ton" showcases overweight families that need to lose weight. King admitted on air that he would spend most of his time eating and playing video games. Sometimes he would watch TV. He slept late and got zero exercise.

Since he was so heavy, he had trouble finding clothing that fit him. This meant he mostly stayed in bed naked, playing video games. He explained that in the games he likes, no one judges him by how he looks. He's able to be himself, the real King, without having to worry that he'll be rejected for his weight.

Being overweight wasn't a new development for King. He'd always been big. Over the years, his weight continued to increase until he gave up fighting it. He and his dad had large quantities of food delivered, which caused King to continue his downward spiral. His weight had caused all sorts of problems.

Bathing became a serious issue. Most bathtubs and shower stalls couldn't accommodate him–something he found out the hard way when he got stuck in one for around nine hours. He was forced to bathe himself outside in a metal trough, but he has had a change of heart on his stance about his weight. Keep reading to learn more about King and his weight-loss journey.

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In an episode of "Family by the Ton," on TLC, King said, "I'll eat until I'm dead, probably." He originally had no plans to shed the pounds. But then he had a change of heart and underwent weight-loss surgery in 2018, as reported by Distractify. He recently hit the scales at 255 pounds and got a job at a hardware store, according to his Instagram page and Facebook profile.

King wrote on Instagram:

"I don't like looking at my past self. I know remembering and embracing the past helps you focus on the future but looking back and seeing myself shows me how bad off I was and how much of a burden I was to everyone. I want to continue to make progress and take positive strides forward. If me posting this stuff helps others and show them change is possible then that's great but I'm doing this for me." 

He continued, "I missed out on a huge portion of my life and have so much catching up to do. I'm posting this because I just want to show where we started and where we are. I'm happy with the progress I've made but again I will not settle, keep pushing forward and keep taking it one day at a time."

King also made it clear he does not regret his decision to have surgery. "It's been one year since I had my surgery and made the best decision of my life. People ask if I regret it and would I take it back and my answer is always the same … This was the best thing I've ever done for myself and I wouldn't change it or take it back for anything. So lucky and happy I got the opportunity that was given to me," he shared.


King has been sharing before and after photos of himself online. In one post from November 2021, he said, "The first 2 photos are me at my biggest weight, the others were taken yesterday when I was helping my mom set up for her upcoming yard sale this weekend. Sometimes it really is hard to believe both of these people are me." 

In a post for his birthday, King shared that he weighs 255 pounds. He wrote:

"5 lbs away from a weight I never really considered imaginable, I never saw even possible. Thanks for the love, thanks for the support, I appreciate you all and wouldn't be where I am without you. Take care of yourselves and each other, I'll see you when I see you."

With a new lease on life, King can't help but share how much happier he is now. "I'm working on myself, living life to the fullest and making the most of every moment. I'm the healthiest I've been since high school, the happiest I've been since forever and I don't know if I've ever felt more or loved myself more," he said.

The change that King has made is both physical and emotional. He explained that he is learning self-love. One of the ways he shares this new mindset is by posting about his progress on social media. He stated, "I'm finally really starting to love myself. I'm trying to post more and more because someone said I 'do too much' and I decided to steer right into that theory. Loving yourself is the only way to achieve true happiness and we are getting there."

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