7-Year-Old Stuns Internet With Sensational Acoustic Guitar Performance

Aug 01, 2020 by apost team

Many children love to play the guitar. As they move through grade school, they progress from air guitar to simple sing-along songs with three or four chords. Konstantina Andritsou is a seven-year-old guitar student in Greece who loves sharing her talent with others.

An Everyday Primary School Student

Konstantina looks like a typical seven-year-old child. She has long brown hair and a quick smile. One day, she dressed up in an outfit that featured a purple skirt and coordinating purple headband with a sparkly flower on it. The reason this young girl dressed up was for recital day. The guitar studio where she takes lessons has put on its end-of-year performance and all the students are ready to perform. Konstantina is no exception.


A Few Last Minute Adjustments

As she takes the stage, Konstantina is warmly greeted by the crowd of family and friends. Her teacher also accompanies her to the stage to make sure she's properly positioned with her guitar. This staging includes adjusting the foot supports she must rest both feet upon since her feet don't quite reach the floor yet. Once her teacher leaves the stage, Konstantina is ready to make music. As she begins to play, she approaches the guitar with the command of a professional musician. The music coming from her guitar also reflects her commitment to her art.

Demanding Repertoire

For her recital selection, Konstantina has chosen Capricho Arabe. This Spanish piece provides plenty of virtuosic runs and lush chords. Konstantina delivers a flawless performance. As she plays, Konstantina sings through her instrument. Listeners can hear the guitar sighing and laughing. Konstantina really gets to the heart of the music and the instrument.

Hearing about such a beautiful performance is quite inspiring. Perhaps you have similar memories of a friend who could play well as a child or had music as a childhood hobby. Take a few moments to add your comments below.