7-Year-Old Girl Wins American Idol Judges’ Hearts Singing LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Blue’

"American Idol" has been around for a fair few seasons now so it's fair to say we all know how it works. The judges narrow down a huge number of applicants then put it to the public to decide who they think deserves the "American Idol" crown. One applicant decided to try and bend the rules, however. Read on to discover how.

Dyxie Spring is a 7-year-old singer from Marion, Kentucky. At just 7 years old, Dyxie is sadly too young to officially enter "American Idol", but she wanted to sing for the judges anyway so she gatecrashed her sister's audition!

While Dyxie blew the judges away with her rendition of LeAnn Rimes' song "Blue", her older sister Layla wowed the judges by singing a Jackson 5 classic. Before Layla was awarded her golden ticket to Hollywood, Lionel Ritchie was sure to impress on her the importance of keeping a level head, even when you become a superstar. The sweet moment can be viewed in full below:

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