7 Ways You Can Spot If Your Husband Is Having An Emotional Affair

Apr 05, 2018 by apost team

Even though there is no physical contact, emotional affairs are devastating to relationships. It is painful to realize that your partner is emotionally entangled with someone else. It is a betrayal of the emotional connection in your relationship and can damage your chances of having a future together.

1. They Use Social Media More

You may notice an upswing in your partner’s use of social media. Especially if they were never that interested before, watch out for a sudden increase in posting. They may carry their phone around and smile at it when they get notifications in a way you haven’t seen for a while.



2. They Sneak Around

When someone is having an emotional affair, they take pains to conceal it from you. They get very protective of their space and of their things. They may leave the room to take a phone call or close their laptop the minute you come in the room. Trust your intuition.


3. Detachment In The Bedroom

You may notice that your partner has less interest in sex and emotional intimacy. Your partner may feel that he or she is getting their needs met outside your relationship, and may not look to you for comfort and pleasure anymore. Sometimes, the emotional affair is so intense, it blocks out any feelings for you.


4. Talking About The Other Person

Someone who is having an emotional affair often can’t help name-dropping them in daily conversation. If your partner is constantly quoting someone else or speaking of them with too much warmth, you can be suspicious of their relationship. The look on their face when they talk about their affair partner says it all.


5. Can’t Plan For The Future With You

Perhaps your partner used to talk about marriage or moving in together, but has forgotten about it. Your partner might also stop talking about your relationship altogether.


6. They Are Too Critical

Guilt and shame can cause your partner to pick at your behavior. This is completely unfair, as the affair is your partner’s fault, but it is an important sign that things are going wrong.


7. Your Intuition Kicks In

Don’t discount your intuition when trying to figure out whether your partner is having an emotional affair. You know your partner well, and a lingering sense that something just isn’t right is worth checking out.

Confronting a partner who may be having an emotional affair is very difficult. You may want to rush in and scream at them, but this will only backfire on you. Try approaching your partner calmly and ask them whether there is a reason your relationship has changed so much.


Let your friends know about these signs so they can understand why they may think their husband is cheating or not!