7 Signs That A Man Is An Emotional Psycho

Jun 08, 2018 by apost team

When you hear the word “psychopath,” what do you imagine? Norman BatesJason Voorhees? When you think of a psychopath, think complicated, contradictory, and diabolical. What makes these men scary is that from a distance, they appear relatively normal. They are often handsome, funny, even charming (think Ted Bundy) and have grown accustomed to getting their way with women. There is nothing simple about these men. 

Moreover, because of how easily they reel you in, usually by making you feel special and telling you that you are "the one,” they can keep you in their clutches for a long time. They prey on your kindness and empathy. Psychopathic men love women who love to help others. They place you on a pedestal and make you feel like Wonder Woman. But, when you’re on a pedestal, there’s only one way to go. These men slowly degrade your self-esteem until you’re too afraid to leave. 

1. Guilt trips.

Emotional psychopaths are masters at hiding their true feelings, anger, hurt, etc., until they explode. Initially, they start out acting as harmless as a little boy who wants to please you. When that adoration is not reciprocated, however, they come unleashed, perhaps even threaten to harm you. If you show fear or anger, they become falsely apologetic, and still turn it back on you. “I didn’t want to have to hurt you, but you were trying to ruin this wonderful evening I planned. You need to be stronger.” 

Like David Copperfield, the magician, the psycho points to a hummingbird outside your window. “Look over there,” he says to distract you. Once you’re off your guard, he tries to make you feel responsible for HIS outburst. Try to remember, guilt trips are about him, not you. He’s unpredictable. 


2. Manipulation.

Emotional psychos purposefully try to confuse you—they are masters at using your own words against you and manipulating the narrative to throw you off guard. If you’ve heard the term “gas lighting,” this is a technique to make you question your own thoughts and memories. In the famous movie, Gaslight, the psychopathic husband is nice one minute and abusive the next. The wife has no idea what is real. 

For instance, if you catch your psychopathic man cheating, (through social media, gossip, or emails), instead of acting contrite and apologizing, he will accuse you of spying. “How dare you,” he might say. “How could you not trust me?” If, heaven forbid, you catch him in the act, he will turn that on you again. “You’ve been shutting me out. That's why I was with someone else.” 

3. He’s a Pro at the Blame Game.

Emotionally psychotic men are good at playing the victim. No matter what happens in their lives, it’s always someone else’s fault. If he cheated, it’s because his wife was cold. If he gets fired from his job, it’s because his boss is a jerk. If he’s in legal trouble, it’s because the cop that pulled him over for speeding and driving without a license was “out to get him.” And if your marriage is unhappy, it’s certainly because you don’t understand him or his needs. 

4. He calls you names.

Emotionally psychotic men manipulate women; it’s in their DNA. This enables him to control you and how you think about yourself. He knows that if he controls your thoughts, you will never realize you’re in a disastrous relationship and need to move on to a more deserving person. Before the Civil War, it was illegal to teach a slave to read. Why? Once a slave learned to read, he or she realized they were supposed to be free. 

When an emotional psycho criticizes your looks, brains, body type, or abilities, you may start believing you are less than your amazing self. He does this to degrade your self esteem to make you not want to lose him. These type of people dread abandonment. If you’re such a loser, and he stays with you, he must be a winner. And why would you ever want to leave a winner? 

5. Your friends become enemies.

One of the first things an emotional psycho will do is isolate you from your support group. Your friends and family, who are not in love with him and probably see the relationship objectively, may offer you advice about dumping him and his toxic personality. So, over time, he will convince you to question your friends’ and family’s intentions. “You don’t need them,” he’ll say. “It’s just you and me against the world.” He says he will protect you from the all the “haters” who just don’t understand how much he loves you and how you belong together. 

6. He presses your buttons.

Master manipulators are experts at finding your vulnerable spots, what triggers your anger or sadness. Once he knows your weak spots, watch out! Emotional psychos lack empathy, so it gives them quite a bit of pleasure to exploit you. If he knows you hate silence, he will ignore you. If he knows you like being told ahead of time when he’s going to be late, he will “forget" to call. It’s important that he always keeps you guessing, to keep you guessing. And when you call him on his bullcrap, he will fake remorse and be on his best behavior for a few days. His main goal is to control you. 

7. He hates to lose.

Emotional psychos, since they desperately need to have control over you, are men who hate to lose at anything. Suggest a game of Clue, and see how he reacts when you win! Since this type of person believes he is smarter than anyone else in the world, you could not have beaten him fair and square. You cheated. The quiet evening you planned may end with him kicking over the card table, upending the game board, or heaven forbid you have friends over, cause a scene right out of a sitcom. His fragile ego may even cause him to hold a grudge for days. 

One really important point to remember, we all act like children sometimes. However, if you’ve read this list and noticed the man in your life demonstrates these traits fairly frequently, run, don’t walk. Call your friends and family get the heck away. People like this never change without serious and long-term psychological help from a professional. It’s not you, it’s him. And when you suspect your BFF is dating one of these men, don't be afraid to tell them about the 7 Signs!