7 Reasons People Who Are Drawn To The Ocean Are The Best People To Be Around

There's nothing quite like the beach, standing on the shore with the sun on your shoulders, burying your feet in the hot sand, letting the cool water wash over your legs as you stare at the open blue horizon... 

Being a nature lover says a lot about you, but those whose happy place is at the beach are very special. The oceans are the largest places in the world, and people who are drawn to them have lots of love in their hearts, both for nature and for those around them. 


Here are seven reasons why beach-lovers are some of the best people to have in your life:

1. They're low maintenance 

As beautiful as it is, the beach isn't a fancy place. Bathing suits, messy hair, sand absolutely everywhere...yeah, not a spot for a formality. But beach-lovers don't need anything fancy. They appreciate the warm sun and the view of the water stretching for miles, and want nothing more than to have a few good friends to splash in the waves or gobble down hot dogs with. 

It doesn't take much to beach-lovers happy! 

2. They crave adventure 

Some people are happy staying at home with books or TV, but for beach-lovers, they need more. The ocean is a powerful force, something that never stands still no matter what the day brings. Beach-lovers want to go out, try new things, make new experiences. They know that life is supposed to be fun and exciting and live more fulfilling lives because of that. 

3. But they can be laid-back too. 

That being said, life isn't a nonstop thrill ride, and neither is the beach. Even the most hardcore surfer knows how great it is to collapse on a towel and let the sun dry you off. For beach-lovers, a day of leisure isn't just staying in bed. It's relaxing in a beautiful place and soaking in all the goodness around you. 

4. They are happy on any budget 

With a willingness to pack your own food and a bit of proper scheduling, you can spend a full day at the beach without paying a cent! 

It doesn't get much better than that! 

5. They know how to leave work at the office 

Literally. Computers aren't safe at the beach with all the sand and the sun makes it hard to see your phone screen. Between that and the lack of outlets for chargers, beach-lovers are naturally unplugged in their happy place - and are totally fine with it. 

6. They can handle life's unpleasantness 

As a natural place, the beach is pretty dirty when you get down to it. Salt water tangles your hair, seaweed slides into your suit, and despite your best efforts, sand inevitably gets everywhere. 

This is a deal-breaker for some, but beach-lovers don't stop a little mess from getting in the way of a great day - both on and off the shore. 

7. They are grateful for the little things 

Beaches aren't trendy. They're timeless spots of natural goodness. Since beach-lovers can appreciate the beauty of a blue ocean and a sandy shore without extra bells and whistles, they can enjoy the little things - in all aspects of their lives - and are much happier for it. 

Are you a beach-lover? What's your favorite aspect of one? Let us know! 
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