7 Qualities That Cheaters In Relationships Have In Common

Jan 16, 2019 by apost team

It’s not always the simplest thing to figure out if your partner is cheating or not. However, it’s important to be able to protect yourself under dire circumstances, even when you’re dating someone. Being a little guarded isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it means that you don’t give someone the authority to completely break your heart. Either way, you still don’t want to end up in a relationship with a cheater.

Even though many cheaters have different patterns and secrets, there are ways that we can look out for red flags. Everyone has their own reason for cheating. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t identify a few reasons or methods that all cheaters collectively use. Watching out for behavioral hints can help you identify if your partner is cheating or not. Knowing what to look for can spare you the broken heart at the end of the day.

Although some may hide it well, many cheaters have a few things in common that you can look out for.


1. There is a sudden increase in sexual advances.


Although most people think that their relationship is in a good spot when their partner’s sex drive for them increases, that isn’t always the case. If your partner initiates more than usual, this could be a warning sign.

Cheaters that are having sex outside of the relationship could be wanting to overcompensate by also bringing that sexual energy into the actual relationship as well so that you do not suspect anything. Many cheaters often begin having sex with their partners more during the time that they’re cheating.

2. They’ll act suspicious of everything you do.


People who know they shouldn’t be trusted are also going to project that insecurity onto their partner. They may think that you’re up to something as well and act suspicious over every little thing that you do. If your partner starts acting like they can’t trust you, it’s usually them that cannot be trusted. Since they aren’t faithful, they might even accuse you of being unfaithful. Watch out for suspicion.

3. They’re shady with the way they handle their cell phone.


One of the more common ways to tell if you’re dating a cheating partner is watching how they handle their cell phone. Usually, your partner would have no problem leaving their phone around you but if they have things on there that they don’t want you to see, they will guard it at all costs. If they take their phone with them to the bathroom, tuck it under their pillow late at night, put it away entirely somewhere you don’t know about, or never let their phone into your sight, they might be cheating.

4. They’re constantly on the phone.


It’s also important to watch how their habits with their phone change during your relationship. If your partner is cheating, they likely need to entertain their partner through their phone at some point in the day. Even though they may use their phone for work, pay attention to the number of times or time of day that they pick up their phone to check for messages. If it suddenly increases, you may be dealing with a cheater who is entertaining their third-party.

5. They start lying, even about small things.


If you start catching your partner in lies like what time they went to bed or what they had for lunch, it’s likely an indicator that something bigger is going on. If they’re willing to lie about the small stuff, you have to wonder what big things they’re lying about as well. If your partner starts betraying your trust, there may be an underlying issue like cheating that is causing their mistrust and disloyalty.

6. They’re overly affectionate out of nowhere.


Cheaters, even though they partake in awful actions, also carry around some sense of guilt about the whole thing. It’s clear that they still care about you and that’s why they haven’t broken up with you, so this may resort in them overcompensating for their guilt by paying extra attention to you and giving you more affection than usual. They’re acting sweeter than usual to make up for the fact that they’re being disloyal.

If their attention and affection comes out of nowhere, you have to wonder why it’s happening all of the sudden.

7. They’ve cheated before.


Maybe the most obvious sign, but worth noting nonetheless. If your partner has cheated on their significant others before, they’re likely to do it again. If they’ve gotten away with it in the past, they think that they will have no problem executing it in the present or future. And if you started dating your partner while they were in another relationship, it’s likely that you will lose them the same way you got them.

Have you ever caught a partner cheating? What were some red flags that gave it away? Pass this along to someone who needs to see it.

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