7 Indisputable Signs That You Are A Pluviophile

Oct 01, 2018 by apost team

Do you love the rain? While others complain about their shoes getting ruined or their hair being wet, you'd gladly walk through a summer shower without second thought, reveling in the sensation of droplets hitting your skin and the fresh, renewing scent of the wet earth.


If you think that rain is one of nature's most beautiful and mystifying gifts and would happily embrace gray clouds over sunny skies, you may just be a pluviophile. Pluviophiles love the rain and find joy and peace on rainy days. Rather than be depressed by overcast weather, the stormy clouds and rumble of thunder sets a pluviophile's heart at ease.


Here are seven telltale signs you could call yourself a certified pluviophile.

1. Rainy Days Make You More Relaxed


Sudden rain storms? No problem! While others might rush to get home before the rain hits or grumble their entire way through their morning commutes, you embrace the rainy weather and feel at ease when the droplets begin to fall from the sky. The sound of rain soothes something deep inside of you, and you can never relate to people who complain about the rainy weather.

2. You Love Nature

You have to be outside for even just a few minutes every day. Without some fresh air and open space, you feel depressed. Whether it's spending a lazy afternoon lounging in the sun or breathing in the crisp, frigid air of winter, you are always up for some time in the great outdoors.

3. You Could Watch the Rain for Hours


Whether you're at home or in the office, you love to watch the rain run down the windows and hit the ground outside. The rain's graceful but powerful descent from the sky to the earth never ceases to amaze you.

4. You Love the Smell After the Rain


If you could make a perfume of your own, it would be the smell after it rains. The indescribable fresh, earthy scent that overwhelms you after a storm is your favorite smell in the world.

5. You Favor Dark Skies


Most people prefer sunshine and clear skies, but your idea of perfect weather is dark, heavy clouds and thunder rumbling in the distance.

6. Getting Soaked in the Rain is a Pasttime

istockphotos.com/Elitsa Deykova

While many people only get soaked in the rain when they forget their umbrellas and lose their race to shelter, you gladly take your time walking through the rain and, if it's safe, would happily stand outside in a storm and let the rain soak through your clothes. Getting soaked by the rain is cleansing and refreshing, and you wish you could do it more often.

7. Hearing the Sound of Rain Makes You Calm


Whether it's a light, gentle drizzle or violent downpour, the sound of falling rain soothes you. You may even put on rain sounds on YouTube to help you sleep. The splattering of rain drops on window panes is music to your ears, and the symphonic sweep of a storm could lull you to sleep any night.

There are some things in the world that just resonate with a deep part of us nothing else can. For some, it's books. Bibliophiles are entranced by the scent, smell and sounds of books as well as the stories within them. The same way, pluviophiles derive a deep sense of clam and enjoyment from the rain. If you're a pluviophile, embrace it. As long as what you love isn't harming anyone, there's no shame in finding happiness in something, especially something as natural and beautiful as the rain.