7 Exercises That Get Rid Of Insomnia, Lung Problems, Back Pain, And Headaches

Yoga is an exercise that has been around for quite some time due to its physical and mental benefits. Not only can you use yoga to improve your sleep cycle, but it can also help you get rid of problems such as back pain, headaches, and even lung-related issues.

Plow Pose

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The plow pose, also referred to as Halsana, can be very beneficial to your health. It can vastly improve the flexibility of the spine and the overall function of the back. It stretches almost every single portion of the body, putting muscles to rest in a manner that improves sleep.

Start by resting your arms beside your stomach while you are lying on your back. Take a deep breath and then put your feet up to a 90-degree angle in a manner that fosters hip support. Remember to keep space between the chin and the chest.


Wheel Pose

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Also referred to as the Urdhva Dhanurasana, this pose can up your morale. It enhances the circulation of blood and stretches the spine. To begin, you must lay down with your heels touching. Then, put your feet up and keep your hands behind your head to create a full chest opening. Then, direct your legs toward your palm with a rounded back and put your toes in the middle of your hands.


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A back fold is a great tool that can be used to maintain the structure of the spine and back. It can also relinquish your mind from stress and anxiety before bed. You will need to stand straight up and be sure to keep your feet aligned with the shoulders. Breathe deeply and perform an upward stretch. Then, let the air out and ease your muscles. Carry this out for a few more breaths to complete the exercise.

Dolphin Pose

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This exercise is one of the most calming processes that yoga has to offer. You should first let your hands and knees touch the floor. Make sure your knees are lower to the ground than your hips and forearms. Now, release the air from your lungs and move your knees up from the ground with your head directly between the upper portion of your arms. If you prefer to keep your knees bent then do so, but it is recommended that they stay straight if your upper back tends to round.

Half Cobra Grasshopper

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Begin by entering the cobra pose, and make sure to keep your feet behind you. Next, you will want to lower your upper body. While doing this, take your connected feet up from the ground. You should then put your feet back down while you gradually raise yourself with straight arms.

Legs-up-the-wall Pose

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This pose is also called the Viparita Karani and can deliver much relaxation. Start by laying down and keeping your feet to the wall for structural support. Now, elevate your pelvis to the height that you feel comfortable with. Hold this position to carry out the exercise and reap its benefits.

Full Core Stretching

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Last but not least is a stretch of the core. You should lay down on your stomach and extend your legs and feet as much as you possibly can. Now, constrict your shoulders toward your torso while keeping the forearms to the ground. Gradually raise your body off the floor as you straighten out your arms.

As expressed, these 7 yoga poses can provide tremendous benefits for you both physically and mentally. Just follow these simple steps to find out for yourself. Be sure to let family and friends know as well.

Our content is created to the best of our knowledge, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation by your doctor. Your health is important to us!