7 Easy Stretches That Can Help Stop Lower Back And Sciatica Pain

If you have sciatica, you deal with an intense amount of pain in your hips and lower back area. The burden placed on these regions can be severe, and it can feel like there's little to no relief available. While there's no perfect cure for sciatica, there are definitely things you can do make it more manageable. These seven stretches will help you through the stress of sciatica.


1. Mobilizing Stretch


Find a comfortable surface to lay on, keep one leg straight while bending the other one and embracing it against your body. Then, straighten this leg as you raise it. After counting to 30, you can lower it and go back to the start. After three rounds with each leg, you should feel better says the NHS.

2. Bring knees to chest


This stretch is a bit like the fetal position. You'll lay down on a mat, hold your knees with both hands, and bring them as close to your chest as possible. Count to 30 and release before bringing them back says Your.MD.

3. Piriformis stretch


Your piriformis muscle is located in your buttock and is crucial for moving your hip, as well as your legs and feet. To stretch it, WebMD recommends you lay back, bend your knees, and cross them, with a leg over a knee. One of your feet should be planted on the ground. Pull the corresponding thigh towards you for a count of 30 and release.

4. Cat-Cow poses


Named for the animals they resemble, these stretches can really help you out. They start with getting on all fours, knees bent and arms straight. Arch your back with your head facing up for one breath. Then, invert it for an exhale, with your head down before going back to the start, recommended by Peace Of Yoga.

5. Hamstring Exercise


Your hamstrings are located in your legs, but stretching them can still help if you have sciatica says Your.MD. Get in a standing position and find a surface to stretch one of your legs. A table can work great. As you bring your leg up, it should stay straight along with your back. Do it for 30 seconds at a time for each leg.

6. Knee Twisting


VeryWellFit recommends this stretch. Lay back with your arms stretched out on the ground. Bend your knees and keep them in contact. For a minute at a time, bring them to each side of your body.

7. Child's Pose


Sometimes, it's okay to not act your age. This pose recommended by Flo Health involves bending forward and getting as low as possible. You will bring your arms as far out as possible to give your body a good stretch.

Dealing with sciatica is certainly a pain, but the pain can be reduced through effort. By taking part in these stretches, you can reduce its burden on you. Show this to any friends or family who have sciatica and see if these exercises help.

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