7 Chinese Women Bought A Mansion Together Where They Can Spend Their Retirement As A Group

Nov 07, 2019 by apost team

Whether it was intentional or not, seven friends from China just set themselves up for a perfect “Golden Girls” scenario. They have acquired a mansion so that they can grow old together, living under the same roof with friends just like Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia did.

It’s something that you must have talked about among your friend group: a communal lifestyle where everybody can hang out whenever they like. It would be ideal to set it up during your retired years when you have all the time in the world. It might have been a joke to you but it also started that way for this group of gal pals.


But all of a sudden it became a reality when they found the perfect house, just outside of Guangzhou. They bit the bullet and pooled their resources so they could own the house for themselves.

The seven girls came up with the necessary 4 million yuan ($580,000) according to the Shanghaiist, and the next thing they knew, the house was theirs.

Their friendship has already lasted for a strong twenty years, and they describe themselves as “closer than siblings” in a new video that also gives viewers a tour through the gorgeous mansion.

The house is situated amongst a lush, green, rice paddy field in a village that takes about an hour to get to from the city. The structure of the house itself includes modern glass structures that jut into the stunning landscape, including a relaxing tea room for the friends to enjoy. It’s a three and a half story sanctuary with both private and public spaces.

They’ve already even divided up the chores. Each person has their own special skill in gardening, cooking, music, and even traditional Chinese medicine. It seems they really thought this endeavor through!

What do you think of this astounding living situation? Who of your friends would you take with you? Let them know, and don't forget to tell them which special skill you would bring to the table.