7 Amazing Benefits Of Doing Planks Every Day

Nov 06, 2018 by apost team

Looking for a way to transform your body in a short amount of time? Start doing planks every day. Within a few short weeks, you will see your body and your mind change for the better.

1. Your Coordination Is Refined


If you lack coordination, you likely have weak abdominal muscles. Doing side plank exercises every day will improve the strength of those muscles. As you build strength, you will find that coordination and balance come more easily.


2. Your Flexibility Becomes Apparent


The plank exercise, whether performed on the side or facing down, stretches muscles from the chest to the fingers to the hips to the toes. All of this stretching, combined with the strength training, increases your body's flexibility.

3. Your Mental State Improves


The beauty of the plank exercise is that it helps your mental state in a number of ways. When you stretch and move your muscles, you are releasing built-up tension.

According to this article published at Department of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, exercise of any type helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression. The key is to do them every day to reap the benefits.

4. Your Core Strength Improves


When you get into plank position, you start to work the muscle groups around your abdomen and buttocks. The longer you hold the plank position, the more these key muscle groups have to work. All of this work translates a better waistline, a stronger back, and an enhanced ability to lift heavy things.

5. Your Metabolic Rate Increases


Almost any exercise you perform will enhance your metabolic rate. However, planks are especially useful because they burn more calories than other types of exercise. They are great for people who sit in an office chair all day. You can perform a 10-minute workout once a day to boost your metabolism throughout the day and night.

6. Your Chances of Back and Spine Injuries Goes Down


According to this article published in Department of Sport Science, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand, Planks allow you to give your muscles a good workout without putting pressure on the spine. Doing these exercises daily will improve the muscles supporting the spine and neck.

This often reduces existing pain especially in the upper part of the back.

7. Your Posture Gets Better


With a sedentary lifestyle, it is easy for people to slouch their shoulders and curve their back in odd ways. According to this research, when you start doing planks daily, the muscles in your abdomen, back, neck, chest, and shoulders will start to strengthen. This reduces your urge to stoop and lets you hold your back straight more easily.

If you are ready to transform your body and mind, start doing planks every day. Let us know what you think about this article and be sure to let your friends read it for themselves.

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