69-Year-Old Gets Stunning Makeover For Fresh New Look That Took Twenty Years Off Her Age

Feb 18, 2021 by apost team

Sometimes in life, you just want to look like a shining star. Most of us are somewhat content with our looks or have learned to accept the way we look. Others, on the contrary, yearn to pamper themselves in a way to treat themselves and show themselves some much-needed love.

One woman who knew she deserved a makeover was 69-year-old Linda from the Republic of Panama. To make that dream come true, she traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota back in 2018 to visit Christopher Hopkins aka The Makeover Guy.

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Her makeover video, which was posted in 2018, is one of the channel’s most popular ones with currently over 1.5 million views. You will soon find out why that is.

She probably never knew that Christopher would be able to make her look years younger. Christopher could most likely sense she wanted a makeover to give her a mental boost, so he chatted with her about her life, and asked her why she wanted to revamp the way she looks.

“Just to feel refreshed and have a great time,” she explains. She goes on to express her excitement for the anticipated makeover which she traveled overseas just to get. She enthused: “I am so excited, I can’t believe it. I’ve been giggling all morning!”


Before she goes in for the makeover, the producer asks her if there is anything on her mind that she did not want to see, makeover-wise. Linda says: “No. I just want him to make me look my best.” 

The pair were talking up a storm by the time he began working his magic. Deciding for blonde locks, he began working on her hair. He wanted her bold personality to have bold hair. It was quite a change for Linda, but all in all, it certainly seems like the right choice.

Hopkins chopped off a few inches and styled it in a glamorous look. Naturally, she needed a bold makeup type to represent her new look in life. The stylists gave her a dewy look that matched her skin tone to her new hairdo. The goal was to liven up Linda's face and give it the sparkle it once had.

Once they were done, Linda finally got a look at her new self. She couldn't believe it. She looked amazing. She was in awe at the fantastic work Hopkins and his stylists have done. The trek from Panama to Minneapolis was well worth it. And just for extra flair, we thought we would mention that the distance between the Central American country to Minneapolis is about 2,624 miles. (Thank you, Google!)

“Wonderful. Refreshed. Younger.” Those are the first three words Linda uses during her post-makeover confessional. When she was asked by the producer if it was everything she expected, she replied that it was more than she had hoped. “More. More than I expected,” she shared. “I knew I had curly hair but he just made it so much fuller.” 

Linda went on to reveal that she has had blonde hair since she was in her twenties which is nearly five decades ago. Many people would be worried to have to undergo a big change in their appearance, especially if they have maintained and gotten used to a certain look for a long time. But not Linda. “I was not concerned at all,” tells Linda. “I was just ready for change. And I love it!”

How much does she love it exactly? Well, Linda says that she “will be back,” but it would not be right away. “I’m smiling! I haven’t smiled in years!” she says with a hearty laugh.

Viewers seem to love Linda’s new look just as much. The comments section is overflowing with comments about how good Linda looked, especially for her age. One viewer named Edith Mendez wrote: “OMG my jaw literally just dropped to the floor!!! She looks sooooooooo GOOD!!! And 69! Holy moly! Great job Christopher.”

Another person, named Emilia Motyka, caught Linda’s comment about not having smiled in years and wrote: “She hadn't smiled "for years". Beautiful character & now with a beautiful & refreshed look that you've created with her natural curls. So happy to see this. :)”

One of the viewers noticed her resemblance to a certain celebrity - the late Joan Rivers. “She has a Joan Rivers feel, love it,” wrote one person named Abigail Folkes.

This just goes to show you, no one is ever too old to pamper themselves and get a makeover. We only get this life once, so take your chances!

On his LinkedIn profile, Christopher describes himself as an “entrepreneur, entertainer, cyber-star, author, and appearance aficionado.” According to his Wikipedia page, Christopher’s salon was originally located in the Hubbard Broadcasting building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Four years later in 1994, he relocated it to his hometown in Minneapolis and renamed his salon from ‘Christopher Hopkins Salon’ to ‘Christopher Hopkins Image Center’, CHIC, for short.

Christopher has helped boost the confidence of countless clients over the years with his expertise. His client sample is no stranger to notables. His author biography on audible.com notes that he was worked with famous people like Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Lauren Holly, Robert Wagner, and Stephanie Powers.

It would seem like the beauty industry is truly Christopher’s calling. Christopher’s mother, Joann Hopkins, who is sometimes seen in his videos serving as a fashion adviser to the clients, says that her son showed interest in playing dress-up and was aware of his appearance from a very young age. “At 18 months he talks quite a bit, most everything he tries to say is quite clear. He likes to play with shoes. Loves animals. A big tease. Likes to play with girls, dress-up, and dolls. Loves to play records, the music of all kinds. Likes his hair cut and combed just so,” Joann says on Christopher’s about page on his website.

Christopher's outstanding talent has helped changed the lives of women across America. His makeovers have helped women realize that the person they see after the makeover has been there all along. Women are able to reconnect with themselves once again. Even though a makeover may seem like a superficial change, it has the power to transform a person and reignite their confidence.  

Tell us what you thought of Linda's story! Would you ever travel to Minneapolis just to get a new look from The Makeover Guy? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments and pass this on to friends and family members who should treat themselves to a makeover, too.

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