69-Year-Old Gets Stunning Makeover For Fresh New Look That Took Twenty Years Off Her Age

Jun 19, 2020 by apost team

Sometimes in life, you just want to look like a shining star. Most of us are somewhat content with our looks or have learned to accept the way we look. Others, on the contrary, yearn to pamper themselves in a way to treat themselves and show themselves some much-needed love.

One woman who knew she deserved a makeover was 69-year-old Linda from Panama. To make that dream come true, she travelled to Minneapolis, Minnesota back in 2018 to visit Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy.

She probably never knew that Christopher would be able to make her look years younger. Christopher could most likely sense she wanted a makeover to give her a mental boost, so he chatted with her about her life, and why she wanted a makeover.

The pair were talking up a storm by the time he began working his magic. Deciding for blonde locks, he began working on her hair. He wanted her bold personality to have bold hair.


It was quite a change for Linda, but all in all, it certainly seems like the right choice.

Hopkins chopped off a few inches and styled it in a glamorous look. Naturally, she needed a bold makeup type to represent her new look in life. The stylists gave her a dewy look that matched her skin tone to her new hairdo. The goal was to liven up Linda's face and give it the sparkle it once had.

Once they were done, Linda finally got a look at her new self. She couldn't believe it. She looked amazing. She was in awe at the fantastic work Hopkins and his stylists did. The trek from Panama to Minneapolis was well worth it.

This just goes to show you, no one is ever too old to pamper themselves and get a makeover.

Tell us what you thought of Linda's story! Would you ever get a makeover? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments and pass this on to friends and family members who should treat themselves to a makeover, too.