62-Year-Old Gets New Lease On Life With Stunning Makeover

Oct 11, 2020 by apost team

Beverlie, from Lamar, Missouri, has had a difficult few years. After the devastating loss of one of her sons, she has struggled to find joy in life. But the 62-year-old is slowly turning a corner and is now ready to look forward.

To help her move forward The Makeover Guy is going to give Beverlie a new style that will be sure to boost her mood and outlook on life.

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She told The Makeover Guy: “I need to feel beautiful again … I feel like I’m 5,000 years old.” She reminisces on how throughout her life she has always been an attractive woman for whatever age she was at, but this is the first time that it hasn't been the case.

After Beverlie sadly lost one of her sons, depression took over her. For the last two years, she hadn't been able to recover her past self. But she is determined to get that person back.

"I am ready to quit being depressed, and find stuff to be happy about again. And I know somewhere in here there's a happy person," she said.


She spoke about her long graying hair and the common misconception that long hair is beautiful by default. She doesn't feel this is the case for her own hair. Christopher Hopkins, who is The Makeover Guy, told her he understood and joked that she could put her hair into a side ponytail. Beverlie retorted: "I'd still look like an old woman!"

While she knows that some people may opt for long hair, she realized it's a choice that people should make if it's right for them. She has decided that she needs to make changes that make her feel good and right.

We see The Makeover Guy cut straight through her long locks and holds up the ponytail for everyone to see. Beverlie seemed unfazed by it and ready for her new short look.

Beverlie spoke about her depression saying, "I've basically been in a coma for two and a half years." She found it difficult to find a reason to live. But all that is changing as she takes on a new positive lease on life. When seeing her new makeover, with tears in her eyes she declared: "I feel like I couldn't feel or look better." And the most important thing is she feels good about life now!

When her daughter-in-law walks in she can't believe how amazing Beverlie looks. She won't stop repeating, "You look so beautiful! I don't know where my mother-in-law is!" That is definitely the reaction Beverlie was hoping for, and we are sure this new style will give her the confidence to regain the parts of herself she thought she had lost.

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