62-Year-Old Gets Amazing Makeover And It Takes Years Off Her Age

Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful in their own skin. That's Christopher Hopkins' philosophy. He's widely known as The Makeover Guy, helping men and women everywhere feel like their best selves. A 62-year-old-woman named LaDawn was in for the treat of her life when she went to visit the Makeover Guy.

She booked an appointment with him as a special treat for herself. She drove all the way from Dallas to Minneapolis just to meet with him. Christopher Hopkins started out as theatre before making the switch to the beauty industry in 1990 according to his website


Since 2017, Hopkins has been running an "appearance studio" for men and women over 45. His YouTube channel is filled with amazing transformations, and LaDawn's is no different. It's easy to see why her video went viral. She looks years younger after her makeover.

Hopkins tamed her hair issues and transformed her into a redhead. He even gave her bangs. His beauty team also tried something else. LaDawn's daughter didn't want her coming back to Dallas with rock-star looks, so the beauty team gave her a faux hawk as a joke.

LaDawn looks so happy with her new red hair and youthful makeup. Take a look at the video for her full transformation, including the faux hawk moment.

What do you think of this dramatic before and after? Send to your family and friends and watch their jaws drop too.