6-Year-Old Sings Dumbo Classic - And Melts Everyone's Heart

Disney is so good at tugging at our heartstrings. From "Part of Your World" in The Little Mermaid to "You'll Be in My Heart" from Tarzan, there's nothing like a Disney song to really stir up our emotions. One little girl and her family recently performed a Disney cover that will touch your heart.

"Baby Claire" Crosby has been famous on the Internet since she was just three years old. Her father, Dave Crosby, posted a video of her singing one day. He intended to share it with just family and friends, but word quickly spread of this pint-sized performer and "Baby Claire" soon had a singing career.


Claire has appeared on The Ellen Show, The Voice, and Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots. Her YouTube channel has over two million subscribers. It's amazing to think that a first-grader has such a huge fanbase.

Disney re-released Dumbo as a live-action movie in March 2019. To celebrate the movie, Claire and her parents performed "Baby Mine." Her mom played the piano and her dad played the guitar. In the movie, Dumbo's mom sings the song to baby Dumbo to help him fall asleep. The song is a bit melancholic in the context of the movie because Dumbo's mom doesn't survive to see him become a star.

Little Claire looks so focused as she sings the song, and her father joins in partway through. In the end, he gives her a fist bump for a job well done. Please send this video to your friends and family. It's sure to brighten their day.