6 Ways To Find Out If That Special Person Is Into You

Jun 06, 2018 by apost team

The world around us has made us very wary and insecure about what is truly authentic in our world. This includes searching for that forever someone who will not only have your back in the hardest of times but will be the soulmate you have been dreaming about. This is the moment when we need to look up from our phones and take a look around and look for signs of that certain someone who truly seems to be interested in knowing you better: 

1. The right person thinks about your needs before their own every time 

Wouldn’t it be great to be with someone who knows exactly what you want at the moment you want it? It could be knowing ahead of time what you would order before you even arrive at the restaurant, or it could be something that you mentioned weeks ago that they pick up at the store and surprise you with during a lunch date. Even knowing you well enough to save your favorite shows to your DVR before you remember to do it is someone who is a keeper. 


2. The right one finds time to compliment you on the little things you do

It may seem like a mundane thing to do, but someone who is really interested in spending more time with you notices the little things and lets you know about them. This could be checking in on social media and adding a small note for you on how great you look for everyone to see. It might be complimenting you on how you look in just jeans and a casual shirt or a new way that you have worn your hair. Most importantly, it is someone who recognizes your worth to them and leaves you notes about it on a regular basis. 

3. Their body language tells the true story about how they feel 

You can be very specific when you read someone’s body language to determine how into you they really are. According to body language expert Patti Wood whose book, Success Signals: A Guide to Reading Body Language describes all the nuances of positive and negative body language signs, says that you can look deep into someone’s eyes even to see if they really like you when you observe that their pupils have grown very large. Other signs of intense feelings toward someone are showing their teeth when they smile, raising their eyebrows, leaning toward you when you converse, and taking a deep breath when you walk up to them. 

4. Their eyes tell a story about you 

Yes, it is true that someone’s eyes never lie, but it is also true that genuine feelings for a person are sometimes developed when you stare intently into each other’s eyes. If someone is truly interested in you, they will not divert their eyes when you gaze at them; instead, they will lock in on your eyes and take in your face and even seem like they are trying to read your thoughts because that is just home much they care. 

5. The right person wants to get to know the authentic you 

Because many people have been hurt in prior relationships, they sometimes will create an emotional wall between themselves and potential mates before a relationship has even had a chance to begin. This means that you show one face to people when you are in a social situation and another face to family and friends. A truly authentic individual will see through that exterior facade and want to find your true self to develop a meaningful, long-lasting relationship. They won’t just ask about superficial things, but they will want to know about things you are passionate about, your relationship with your family, and your dreams. 

6. Listening is one of their best qualities 

It seems like one of the most forgotten qualities in the world today is being a good listener. Mostly everyone is walking around with earbuds in and just in their own world in the midst of a crowd of people on the bus, on the subway, or even when you are carpooling. When you find someone who is being genuine about getting to know you better, they put all of their distractions away and give you their full attention. They ask questions about what you are sharing, they give advice, and they comfort you if you are sharing a particularly bad experience you had that day. 

If you have had life experiences that have helped you find that genuine someone in your life, write down your comments to let people know just how it has changed your life. Let your friends know about this article so they can benefit from it as well!