6 Times Princess Charlotte Showed She Is Queen Elizabeth II's Carbon Copy

May 04, 2021 by apost team

Having just turned six in May, Princess Charlotte is proving to be the cheekiest member of the royal family. Besides her fiery personality, Charlotte also bears a striking resemblance to her father and furthermore, the queen. The resemblance between her and her great-grandmother has been long drawn by fans since the little royal was a baby. 

As she continues to get older, fans can’t help but notice the similarities she has with her great-grandmother. From Charlotte's little smirks to her serious eyes that resemble Queen Elizabeth’s pensive face, she's inherited more than royal blood from Her Majesty.

What's more, not only do they share physical similarities, but Charlotte appears to have a fondness for horses, just like the queen. A source close to the royals told Closer Weekly back in 2019 that Charlotte asked her parents for a pony for Christmas. While Prince William deemed her too young to be riding, they did gift their daughter a toy riding center with accessories. If Charlotte is anything like her great-grandmother then she will be riding horses for her whole lifetime. 

It's even sweeter because Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth II share similar birthdays since they're born just two weeks (and nearly nine decades!) apart. If you compare old photos of Queen Elizabeth at Charlotte's age, the two could even pass as sisters. We took a trip down memory lane and rounded up some old childhood photos of the queen to look at the two side-by-side and see the comparisons for ourselves. Let's take a look.

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother (1926), (Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

Taken in the late 1920s, this vintage photograph depicts Princess Elizabeth, as she was then known, with her mother, the Duchess of York. Her mom would become known as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother later on, so as to avoid confusion with Queen Elizabeth II's official title. 


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte (2016), (Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images)

Wearing a similar dress, Princess Charlotte is seen here with her own mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, during a royal tour of Canada in 2016. This photo depicts Charlotte playing candidly with a toy and smiling, as her curiosity is on full display.

Queen Elizabeth II (1928), (Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

In this 1928 portrait of the future queen, Elizabeth waves as she sits in a toy carriage. Even from an incredibly young age, she was performing royal duties to some degree, setting her up for her life as the future queen of Britain.

Princess Charlotte (2016), (Pool/Sam Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images)

Here Princess Charlotte is pictured having fun with a balloon display at a kids party for military families, while the Cambridges were in Canada. While her disposition appears to be sunnier than Elizabeth's, it's clear they share the same cherubic cheeks, nose, lips and emotive eyes. 

Queen Elizabeth II (circa 1929), (Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

Another stunning black-and-white photo of the queen as a little girl, this one shows her as a 3-year-old in 1929. Dressed up in her frilly dress, what's most remarkable is the future queen's facial features, which are still the same even now that she's in her 90s.

Princess Charlotte (2016), (Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images)

Seen attending church in Bucklebury, Berkshire on Christmas Day in 2016, a 2-year-old Charlotte is wearing a prim navy pea coat with a pretty red bow in her hair. Despite often bearing a big grin, this image shows off the little princess's more serious side.

Queen Elizabeth II (circa 1933), (Central Press/Getty Images)

Pictured here around the age of 7, Princess Elizabeth plays on the grounds of Windsor Castle around the year 1933. Not frequently photographed in such a candid manner, in this photo she's playing with a pram.

Princess Charlotte (2017), (HRH The Duchess of Cambridge/Getty Images)

Taken by her mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, this 2017 portrait of Princess Charlotte was released in honor of her second birthday. Dressed in an adorable yellow knitted sweater as she looks up inquisitively, the picture was taken at the Cambridge family home in Norfolk.

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth II (1931), (Mathieu Polak/Sygma/Sygma/Getty Images)

Dressed up in a chic coat, Princess Elizabeth is seen walking hand in hand with her mother at Edinburgh Castle around 1931. Once again bearing her trademark furrowed brow, she looks just like she does in her 90s.

Princess Charlotte (2017), (Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images)

On an official visit to Germany in July 2017, Princess Charlotte is pictured arriving at Berlin's Tegel Airport while holding hands with her mother. In her other hand, she holds an adorable little bouquet of flowers to welcome her family's arrival.

Queen Elizabeth II (2012), (Indigo/Getty Images)

Always inquisitive, Queen Elizabeth II is pictured much more recently as she peers out of a window in Manchester during her visit to the city as part of her Diamond Jubilee Tour in the United Kingdom in March 2012. In comparison to the photos of her as a little girl, the queen's distinct facial features have remained exactly the same.

Princess Charlotte (2017), (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Just as curious as her great-grandmother, Princess Charlotte is pictured here pretty in pink, mimicking the queen's furrowed expression. She's seen peering out of a window at Buckingham Palace during June 2017's Trooping the Colour annual parade. The event takes place every June and marks Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday celebration. 

Do you see the similarities between Princess Charlotte and her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II? In which photos do you think they most look alike? If you found this article informative then be sure to pass it on to others!

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