6 Signs You Need To Stop Your Body From Producing Excessive Mucus

Mucus is a natural phenomenon in the body. It can even be beneficial for your health because it helps create a barrier, preventing bacteria from getting you sick. It also has proteins and enzymes that were created to help your body filter out everything in the air that can get you sick.


However, there are some instances when there is too much mucus in the body.


Sometimes when the body creates too much mucus, it causes you to feel uncomfortable. Generally, the discomfort occurs when the mucus becomes thicker. It also becomes stickier and begins to have a larger effect on you. It becomes thicker when you have an irritation in the lungs, throat or nose, or when you have allergies. It can also happen when you smoke or have digestive issues.

Many people with allergies have an issue with too much mucus in the body. It happens because the allergies act as a trigger that causes your body to release too much histamine, causing sneezing or itching. The nose will start to leak mucus from the mucous membranes.

However, this can also happen when there are more serious diseases present in the body. If you have chronic mucus, it could be a sign of bronchitis.


When the sinuses become blocked, it will often cause you to feel uncomfortable as well. There are some signs that are specific to the illness of having too much mucus.

For example, if you are experiencing a runny nose, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, sinus headache, sneezing or a runny nose, you might have blocked sinuses.

Luckily, there are some ways to get rid of this sickness. There are many remedies to help reduce the amount of mucus your body is producing as well as helping you stay healthy.

Drink a lot of liquid


One of the best ways to get better or to prevent sickness is to ensure that you are staying hydrated. It is particularly important for people who have allergies to stay hydrated. Drinking water is the best way, but you should also be drinking juices and lemonades to help get rid of the excess mucus in your body.

Keep the air moist


Dry air is an irritant to the nose and will make it run with excess mucus. Have you ever discovered that your allergies start acting up more when the air is dry? When you keep the air humid with a humidifier, you ensure that your nose won’t run. Adding essential oils can make it a pleasant experience.

Gargle salt water


Gargling salt water helps keep the throat from becoming too irritated. Place one tsp of salt in warm water to gargle several times each day.

Blow your nose


Blowing your nose makes sure that you won’t swallow the mucus. However, be sure you are gentle otherwise you could harm the mucous coats.



Eucalyptus has antibacterial benefits, helping with colds and upper respiratory issues.

Follow a diet


When you eat a healthy diet, you make sure that you are fueling your body with all the nutrients it needs to prevent infections. To reduce mucus, make sure you do include fish, pumpkin, apple, lemon, cucumber, onion, and olive oil.

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