6 Rules To Follow For A Happy Marriage According To Tom Hanks Who’s Been Married For 31 Years

May 08, 2019 by apost team

With divorce rates on the rise, marriage seems to be a difficult thing to pull through nowadays. However, we sought the advice of a Hollywood couple that has remained happily married for 31 years. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson exchanged vows officially in 1988. Despite the ups and downs that come with marriages, they have maintained their relationship. Hanks shares some of the secrets that have enabled their marriage to last this long.

The first piece of advice that Tom Hanks gives to young couples out there is that they should not rush into marriage. He states that the reason his first marriage failed is because he was impulsive and didn’t think things through.

He just rushed into it and barely had enough time to be with his family because he was always at work. Hanks didn’t rush into his second marriage. He was patient and made decisions wisely. Therefore, don’t get married until you’re 30.


The second piece of advice that Hanks gives to young couples is that they should be willing to make sacrifices for each other. Before Hanks married Rita, he had to make a tough decision.

Since his fiancé was a Greek orthodox, he had to convert because he knew how important religion was for his future wife and her family. Always be prepared to meet your partner halfway especially when dealing with sensitive topics.

You should also learn to support each other as a couple. We are only human, and everyone faces challenges in life. A strong marriage is whereby both parties support each other at their worst moments. After Hanks won the Oscar in 1994, he thanked his wife for being with him through it all.

Then in 2015, Rita was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was worried and didn’t know how Hanks would take the news. Surprisingly, Hanks was with her all the way. Therefore, learn to support each other through your worst and best moments.

The mistake that most couples make after they get married is failing to make the little things count. Perhaps you used to send your wife nice love emojis or poems when you were dating, but after you get married, you forget about these things. Hanks reveals that he always sends love notes to Rita every now and then.

He always keeps the love flames going. On the other hand, Rita accompanies her husband whenever he is shooting a movie at some remote location. They also travel around the world together whenever they find the time. Therefore, always do the little things for your partner because they matter.

You should also learn to love your partner for who they are. When you are married, you share most things together and witness each other’s behavior. Hanks reveals that Rita has never treated him any different.

When he was thin, her love remained the same, when he was fat, she still loved him. You cannot all be the same. There are likely to be differences in each other’s habits. True love doesn’t judge or try to change you. It remains the same regardless of the situation.

The final piece of advice that Hanks gives to young couples is that they should make sure that they are with the right person. Be with someone that makes you feel complete and alive.

You may have similar habits in some areas. The truth of the matter is that if they are the right person for you, there will be a special connection, and you will feel it.

Love takes work and determination. You shouldn’t expect things to sort themselves out automatically. Keep doing what you used to do even after you get married.

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson (2018), (Tristan Fewings/Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

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