6 Reasons Why The Universe Sends The ‘Right People’ Into Our Lives

Jan 03, 2019 by apost team

Is your love life, or life in general, going through a rough patch? Do not fret! The truth is, you are not in control of the right time for a love connection, or for that special person that may help change your life. The universe will put that connection right in front of you. It does it for all of us, all the time, and at the right moment.

1. You've earned it.


It may be that you made the move to “switch channels” and changed your mindset. It could be that you are now more aware of the cosmos and the power of universal connections. Perhaps, you made a difference in someone’s life, even without knowing it. A shift into positive energy is never in vain, and never goes unnoticed by the universe. A "right person" may be the reward that you have duly earned.


2. You (unknowingly) sent out an S.O.S.


When things are rough, your subconscious sends distress signals out to the cosmos. These are strong impulses borne from grief, loss, pain, depression or anxiety. When your soul aches, the impulses of your pain will connect with your atmosphere and its energy. The universe will listen to those signals, and will send help your way.

3. You've got good (or bad) karma.


Nobody is perfect, and you are not the exception. Life is a bag full of surprises, both good and bad. The chances of making mistakes, and learn new lessons, will always be there. When Karma calls, some people will come your way to point out the consequences of your mistakes and help you become a better you.

4. You need a chance to grow up.


Stuck in a rut? You are not alone. Help will come your way! When the universe senses one of its own failing to thrive, it will arrange ways for you to connect with someone that will help you. This could be a potential partner, friend, mentor, teacher, or a source of pure inspiration. These persons will push you to your proximal zone of mental and spiritual growth.

5. You need a little help with boundaries.


There are times when the connections that are sent to you clash with life, as you know it. These universal connections are there to help you move away from your comfort zone and learn more boundaries, what you are willing to put up with in life, and who you are willing to become.

6. You need time to heal.


You will go through moments in life that will deplete your strength, energy, and willpower. At any given point, you will know pain. This will happen to anyone who is capable of feeling emotion. The universe is there to sustain you during those times. Rest assured that a source of comfort and peace will immediately come to the rescue to help your soul heal.

Those who come to you by way of the universe will bring immediate change to your life. They will transform the energy around you, making everything look and feel better. Their presence is not coincidental. Their light is attracted by the light that radiates from your soul. The connections are made a cosmic and spiritual level. Still, in order to receive this cosmic gift, you must be willing to trust the universe.


Trust the process of universal connection with your heart, mind, and soul. The moment you accept this challenge, you will start to feel the difference in your life. The moment you choose to change your mindset, you will naturally attract the right energy. And along with the right energy will come the right people.

Have you met your universal connections yet? Let us know about your experience in the comments and pass this article along to your friends and family to enlighten them!