6 Foolproof Methods To Make Your Neck Look Younger

Unfortunately, your neck is one of the first places that you'll see aging lines. It's because the skin on the neck is thinner and it has fewer oil glands. Because it has fewer oil glands, it will lose elasticity quicker. The good news is that there are ways you can fight aging effectively.


Here are a few tips that can have your neck looking younger in no time.


1) Don't Overuse Perfume


One of the main ingredients in perfume is alcohol. This will dry out your skin and you'll lose elasticity in your skin. Try applying perfume to your wrists instead of your neck.

2) Avoid Heavy Jewelry


Heavy necklaces and pendants will stretch the skin on your neck. Try only wearing big or bulky items around your neck for special occasions. For the same reasons, you should avoid wearing turtleneck sweaters or shirts with tight collars.

3) Remember Good Posture


Not only is bad posture one of the blames for neck pain and headaches, it can actually cause wrinkles. This is because you are bending, and with the constant bending, wrinkles will form. These lines aren't easy to get rid of either. Other than just having bad posture, your cell phone can be the blame. Most people will hold it down in front of them to read and view it, which causes you to bend your neck. So, your cell phone can actually cause you to have wrinkles!

4) Moisturize


Most everyone does moisturize, their face. But, a lot of women forget about their neck. Your neck also needs proper moisturizing just like your face. Your face cream will work just perfect for your neck too. Be sure when you are applying the cream to your face, to use a gentle upward motion with your fingers.

It's good to set a routine for your neck like you do your face. Be sure and exfoliate your neck too. Use gentle products on skin for your neck since the skin is so thin.

5) Get more Vitamin C and Fatty Acids


Vitamin C will help with collagen production which makes your skin have more elasticity.

You should eat more tomatoes, citrus fruit, and berries to have a higher vitamin c intake. Products that are rich in omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids are also a great source for increasing that collagen. Some of the foods you could consider eating is: fatty fish, nuts, avocado, and olive oil. They help to treat your skin from the inside.

6) Exercise

It's true that there are a lot of different exercises out there for you neck and face. Here are a few of them you can try.

*Stick out your lips and make the shape of the letter "O". Hold this shape for 4-5 seconds. Do several reps and then repeat with the letter "E".

*Place your hand against your forehead and press forward with your head. Do this for 10 seconds at a time. Be sure not to tilt your head.

*Place your hands against your the back of your head and press backward with your head. Do this for 10 seconds at a time. Be sure not to tilt your head.

*Sit straight and tall, till your head back. Open your mouth. Try to close your mouth without touching your teeth to each other. Repeat with several reps.

Try to do these exercises a couple of times a day to see the best outcome. Other regular exercising will help your neck look better too because it increases your blood flow and brings oxygen into the skin.

Do you have any other tips on keeping your neck fit? You should pass this on to your workout partner and maybe you can incorporate some of these excursuses into your daily routine.

Our content is created to the best of our knowledge, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation by your doctor. Your health is important to us!