6 Absurd But Effective Psychological Tricks to Lose Weight

Oct 05, 2018 by apost team

Whether it's fitting into a new wardrobe (or getting back into an old one), health benefits, or gaining more energy overall, almost everyone wants to incorporate healthier eating into their routines,but even with the best of motivations adopting new diet habits can be a serious challenge. Fortunately, there are a few science-backed psychological tricks that can simplify the transition to healthier eating patterns.

1.Go Solo


While it's natural to look for support from your crew when embarking on the journey to a healthier lifestyle, you may want to hold off on that brunch invitation. Studies have demonstrated that people eating in groups eat larger portions. This is due in part to the tendency to linger at the table and because if you're chatting, you're less likely to keep track of your intake. If you do get together for a meal, decide on your portion ahead of time and make sure you stop eating when you've finished your predetermined serving.


2.Get the Blues


We all know environment can affect mood, but one new study demonstrates that being surrounded by the right color scheme can actually decrease appetite. In this case, it's blue. There's no need to repaint the dining room, the appetite-suppressing effect can be achieved by steps as simple as using a blue tablecloth, blue tableware, or even blue napkins.



When dining out while dieting, it might seem like a good idea to forgo ordering your own meal and just graze from the community table. Studies show, however, that people who use this tactic actually eat more than those who order their own portions. The trick is to order the smallest portion available, such as a side salad, cup of soup, or mini-burger. Having your own meal helps your brain know when it's time to stop eating and makes it less likely you'll overfill on bits and pieces.

4.Mirror Mirror


It seems silly, but studies demonstrate that looking at yourself in the mirror while you eat can reduce your intake by up to one-third. So prop up a hand mirror on the dining table, or maybe even consider adding a large wall mirror to your dining room decor.

5.Go Bananas...and Apples


Thousands of test subjects were asked to inhale a variety of scents whenever they felt hungry. Astonishingly, those who smelled banana, mint, or apple scents reported significantly decreased appetite and soon found themselves well on the way to reaching their weight loss goals.

6.Talk to Yourself


The power of positive thinking has become a punchline, but science has shown that having the right kinds of uplifting conversations with yourself can have a remarkable effect on helping people achieve and maintain diet and weight loss goals. Simply using the same phrases you would if you were trying to support a friend in reaching their health goals can have an amazing effect. For instance, giving yourself positive feedback like, "I passed on dessert today, great job!," or "Slow and steady wins the race!" can increase your motivation to stay on track. Likewise, using "I can" language can help keep you on track. This can be as simple as saying, "I CAN stick to my nutrition goals today.," or "I CAN track my calorie intake today."

There's no reason to wait until you can afford more exercise equipment, or until you have more time to cook healthy meals. Incorporating these easy brain hacks right now can get you started on the road to reaching your goals. Tell us: how have YOU used and expanded on these simple strategies?

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