58-Year-Old Nicholas Cage Is A Granddad And Having Another Child With 29-Year-Old Wife Riko Shibata

Aug 11, 2022 by apost team

American actor and film producer Nicolas Cage, known to audiences from "Face/Off" and "Gone in 60 Seconds," is expecting a baby with his fifth wife, Riko Shibata. PEOPLE broke the news on Jan. 6, 2022, after the magazine confirmed with the couple’s representative. The exciting announcement was made just one day before Cage's 58th birthday on Jan. 7, 2022.

"The parents-to-be are elated!" the couple’s rep told PEOPLE.

Shibata, whom Cage met in Japan through mutual friends, married the movie star in Las Vegas on Feb. 16, 2021 — a date Cage chose to honor his late father’s birthday. Cage, 58, already has two sons from previous relationships: 16-year-old Kal-El and 31-year-old Weston.

Given Cage’s multiple marriages — including to Patricia Arquette in the 1990s and Alice Kim in the 2010s — it might be hard for fans to keep up with the “National Treasure” actor’s love life, especially since the 58-year-old tied the knot just last year.

"It's true, and we are very happy," Cage said in a statement to PEOPLE at the time.

The magazine reported that Cage met Shibata, 29, while the actor was filming “Prisoners of the Ghostland,” a horror Western set and filmed in Japan.

Cage’s relationship with Shibata comes after the star’s marriage to Erika Koike, whom he was married to in 2019 for just four days. The couple, who had been dating since 2018, married in secret in Las Vegas on March 23, 2019. On March 27, Cage applied for an annulment, explaining that he had been intoxicated at the time.

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Nicolas Cage (2013), (Luca Teuchmann/WireImage/Getty Images)

"There was a recent breakup,” Cage explained in an August 2019 interview with The New York Times Magazine. “I don’t really want to talk about it. I was pretty upset about that and the way things happened.”

Cage’s previous marriages weren’t as tumultuous or short-lived. In 1995, the actress Patricia Arquette proposed to Cage “dressed head to toe in black vinyl, carrying a big purple wedding cake.” Despite the clear passion in that relationship, the off-and-on couple divorced after six years in 2001. There are rumors that the couple split just nine months after marriage, only to officially divorce years later. But Arquette has denied those claims.

“There were times when we weren’t living together because we were fighting, but it wasn’t as reported and I didn’t feel that I needed to explain that,” Arquette admitted to The Telegraph in 2015. “There were times when my mom was dying (from breast cancer in 1997) and I was living with her, taking care of her. There were times when he was away working on a movie.”

It didn’t take long for Cage to tie the knot again — he married Lisa Marie Presley next. But again, the relationship was short-lived, as the couple divorced two years later in 2004.

Cage has spoken openly about his first marriages, though he told The Guardian that he doesn’t think his first two marriages “belong on (his) record.”

“I think I felt a connection there (with Lisa), an understanding of the pressure of having a famous name," he told The Guardian. 


Nicolas Cage, Riko Shibata (2021), (Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images/GQ)

He continued, telling reporters: "One of the things Lisa loved about me was that I changed my name — she thought that was the coolest thing. But I don’t really count those two marriages, I don’t think they belong on my record. The real marriage for me was the 14 years I had with Alice and the child we have together."

Cage is referring to his third marriage to Alice Kim, which lasted between 2004 and 2016, the star’s longest marriage to date. According to The Guardian, Cage met Alice, who was working as a waitress, when she was 19 and he was 39.

The age gap is even larger between Cage and his current wife, who is 31 years his junior. The star of the "Ghost Rider" films announced his engagement to Shibata on his brother Marc Coppola’s radio show in 2020, according to The Sun

“She left New York and went back to Kyoto, Japan, and I went back to Nevada and I haven't seen her for six months," he said at the time.

“We're really happy together and we're really excited to spend that time together so I finally just said 'Look, I wanna marry you' and we got engaged on FaceTime."

The happy couple made their red carpet debut for Cage’s most recent dramatic film, “Pig.” And given that Cage shows no signs of slowing down — he’s slated to appear in four movies in 2022 — he’s sure to have a lot on his plate with his new wife and child. 

But as we’ve seen, this isn’t the actor’s first time around the block. Cage has two sons, Kal-El, whom he had with Kim, and Weston, whom he had with the model Christina Fulton.

Weston Cage, Nicolas Cage (2022), (Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

“It’s always great to have my family with me wherever I go and wherever I can. I always want to be there to support my kids in all the wonderful things they do,” Cage told PEOPLE in 2020.

Cage, in addition to welcoming his own bundle of joy, has also become a grandfather in recent years. His ever-expanding family tree now includes four grandchildren. Showing off his softer side, Cage often appears on social media, bouncing around one of the many grandbabies in his life. 

Cage first became a grandparent in 2014 when his son Weston welcomed Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage into the world with his wife Danielle. Commenting on his father's reaction to the news, Weston said, "My dad is ecstatic." The actor, despite his own rocky relationships and shattered marriages, seems to have always been supportive of his son's young family. "He was elated immediately when he met Danielle," added Weston, commenting on his father's approval of his partner. 

When asked what he likes best about this new addition to the Coppola family tree, Cage responded, "His smile." Little Lucian was followed by Weston's other children — Sorin Reid, Venice Zohar and Cypress Zara. 

When Cage was asked more broadly about what he enjoyed most about the role of grandparent, the famously tough-guy actor couldn't seem to choose what he liked best. Cage simply told reporters, "I love it. Every second.”

Speaking of his father's seemingly natural abilities as a grandparent, Weston said rather candidly, “He’s very down-to-earth" before he added warmly, "extremely loving."

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