50 Years Later DNA Test Reveals Friends Who All Look Like Each Other Are Actually Half Sisters

Occasionally, we hear inspiring stories about long-lost siblings rediscovering each other; however, Rachelle Dyer and Shannon Nicholl manage to beat them all with their incredible discovery.

Rachell Dyer had just moved from her hometown of Seattle, Washington to Virginia Beach, Virginia when friends began to comment that she looked like someone else who lived in the area named Shannon Nicholl according to Good Morning America

The two women finally had a chance to meet each other at a 2009 Kenny Chesney concert and, sure enough, were stunned by their remarkable resemblance. Snapping a photo together, they thought that it was funny to see just how much they looked like sisters.


Shortly after that, Rachell decided to take a DNA test on Ancestry.com. Rachell and her twin sister, Kristelle, had always known that they were adopted and thought that it would be great to discover family members. Rachell was about to be blown away by her discovery!

Thanks to a cousin that was also on Ancestry.com, Rachell was able to put the pieces together to find that Shannon is truly her half-sister! Not only did the twins discover that they had one sister, but also two since Shannon has an older full-sister named Lisa Holley Vann.

While Rachell and Kristelle were blown away by the fact that they had managed to stumble right into the lives of their long-lost sisters without even knowing it, Lisa and Shannon were even more surprised --- those two sisters had no idea that their mother had ever give birth to twins, let alone put them up for adoption!

Although it was difficult for everyone to accept at first, the four sisters quickly became close friends, posing for pictures where their shared characteristics are easy to see.

Sadly, the girls never had a chance to be together with their biological mom at once since she passed away a year before their discovery. Despite her death, the girls remain positive that she can still see them from wherever she is, and they rest in the knowledge that she is happy.

The sisters themselves are now thrilled with the new family they have discovered and we’re sure that they will remain in touch for the rest of their lives!

Have you ever found a secret relative that you didn’t know about? It truly is surprising that these four women were brought together by fate in such a remarkable way! Show your friends this story so that they can enjoy it as well!